Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Highlights

This summer is truly speeding past! I cannot believe 4th of July is this Saturday. That was usually my mental "halfway point" for summer growing up. Our little family still has lots in store for the next 8 weeks! Mission trips, family visiting, a baseball game (or two), grilling, painting, helping family move. We've got lots of summer livin' left to do!

For now, here are the highlights!

{This guy turned 18 Months! We celebrated with pizza :)}
{Where is my sweet baby, and who replaced him with this toddler?!}

 {I crocheted this for Jillian! It's not perfect, but she loved it for a good 2 weeks!}
{She has moved from Octonauts to My Little Pony.}

{After having a really uncomfortable blanket for years, Phil and I saved enough money to get a new bedding set! We LOVE it, and it's so comfy!} 

{Davey and Jilly helped mama clean the windows by getting soaking wet with the hose. At least they had fun!} 

{We had fun making Mr. Potato Head creations with Jillian} 

{I had a really bad pinched nerve that made me incapable of taking care of myself or my children. Luckily, I found a chiropractor that could start working on me ASAP!} 

{I got the sweetest smile from my Sunny Boy} 

{Jillian took 1 nap the whole month, and it was within 10 minutes of David waking up from his nap. Andplusalso, she didn't go to sleep that night until after 11:30 #whoops} 

{I started my adjustment and pain relief regimen with the chiropractor} 

{I helped Phil pack to go to Toronto for work}

{We had another successful VBS at church! I was the song leader/skit person again. It was fun, but bittersweet knowing my good friend who is in charge would be taking a new job soon. Tried to make sure we had a great time anyways!}

{The kiddos played in the pool}

{Jilly got her first mani/pedi with mama and Jemma! She had fun, but picked off the fingernail polish as soon as we got home. Oh well...}

{David's personality really started to come out this month! He is a goofball, and is always trying to tickle us/make us laugh. He does have a temper, but he comes by it honestly!}

{My adjustments were going so well that I got to move on to the rehab portion of my care with the chiropractor!}

{While my parents were in town, they told me they were ready to get us our Christmas gift: a dining room table! We had been using folding chairs and a folding table. We picked it out, and it was delivered this past weekend. We love it!!}

{Now that we have the furniture we will, I finally agreed to hang things on the wall. We're pretty happy with it so far. It's just hard because I don't want to change my mind later :P}

{My CHI straightener finally fell down one too many times. One of the plates broke off. Considering it was a birthday gift from 2008, I was pretty sad! Luckily, there was a sale, and room in our budget to replace it. Hopefully this will last me 7+ years too}

{David has really been enjoying the chair my parents brought from their house. (They downsized when they moved, so they brought a few things for us when they came to visit.) He will actually recline, and watch TV. All he needs is his milk cup and the remote! HAHAHA}

How was June for you?

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