Monday, August 31, 2015

August Highlights

August was the last full month of summer for us. Jillian starts school on September 1st, so we had to squeeze in as much summer fun as possible! Here are the highlights :)

{I did really well sticking to my carb-cycling diet! This was my attempt at a cauliflower pizza. I found a recipe that you were supposed to be able to pick up with your hands. Sadly, my pizza was too soggy. I don't know if I just didn't get enough water out or what. It was pretty tasty anyways!}

{My sweet girl enjoying the weather in the backyard. Her allergies have gotten much better, but we still have to do certain things to keep them at bay. I'm just thankful it's nowhere near what it was in summer of 2013}

{Headed to WI to see my folks! It usually takes two full days of driving. We have to stop every 2ish hours, (especially with Jillian being iffy about potty training still), and David even got sick at one point. We tried leaving at 5 am the first day thinking the kids would sleep for at least an hour or so. David didn't go to sleep and got car sick from an empty stomach. Learned our lesson!}

{These are the greatest things ever! We got them at a rest stop in Iowa, and they saved our sanity! They come with 4 pages that you "color", (it's just water), and when they dry, you can color it again! Best $5 a piece I've ever spent!}

{I never take enough pictures with my folks, but I took a few during our fun trip together! We stopped at a farm that had several attractions, and we got Jillian to pose for us!}

{They both loved the animals, (especially the goats), and the tiny buildings they were allowed to climb all over. It was a great little farm to visit!}

{David and Gee-Chaz having a harmonica jam session ;) This was one of the last days we were there. We always have a great time with Jemma and Gee-Chaz!}

{Back home recovering. I just love my babies' feet! I take more pictures than I should of their precious feet.}

{This is one of my favorite "treats" that are on plan with carb-cycling! It sounds like it wouldn't taste good, but I think it's delicious! Bonus, it doesn't make my stomach hurt like regular ice cream}

{Poor guy got sick for a little bit. Feverish for 2 days, but was over it after that :)}

{To give her a break for the sickies, Phil took Jillian to Sonic for a treat and fresh air. She LOVED time with her daddy, and getting to sit in the front seat with him to eat her hot dog. She looks like a teenager to me!}

{Got the Save the Date card for my bro's wedding this spring! Can't wait to have Julia officially join the family! She's the best :)}

{Summer nights are perfect for early bedtimes, and a little porch sitting with my hubby. The weather was gorgeous, and the beer was refreshing :)}

{I participated in the blood drive at church this year! I usually don't, and the last time I donated with this particular bank, I was in high school. Pretty sure my email isn't CAdiva04 anymore!}

{I love taking selfies with this guy! He makes my heart melt with his smile}

{We finished a puzzle Phil bought at a railway museum in WI. Jillian thought she was in the picture Phil was taking, so I had to take I picture of her pose ;)}

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