Saturday, September 26, 2015

Carb-Cycling Update 2 {2 Month Progress}

Month 2 of carb-cycling was successful! No pictures this time, but next month is my 90 day check in. Expect pictures for that one :)

The Breakdown:- I am currently doing the Turbo Cycle from Chris Powell's book, Choose More, Lose More for Life. This specific cycle may or may not change in the future. We will see- Still not working out yet. Trying to figure that all out
- I am taking vitamins and calcium supplement everyday

Struggles:- Having to go to multiple grocery stores. (or purchase online), to get what I need to be successful. It's more annoying than anything really- Being around treats when it's not my free day. I can say no, but it's hard when I just want to do what everyone else is doing- Feeling like I need to start at least doing toning exercises, but not really knowing where to start. No money for a gym, so that'll be a factor too

- My guilt free meals are starting to upset my stomach a little. After eating well for long enough, my body isn't sure what to do with greasy fast food anymore. Had to get creative with my cravings this month!

What's Been Easy:- I still love the structured plan.- My guilt-free reward day is always great!

- I feel like more of my close friends and family are used to what I'm doing, so I get less questions. Not that I mind talking about it, I just feel awkward sometimes.

Non-Scale Victories (NSV):- I can put on and take off my size 18 pants without unzipping or unbuttoning them!
- I can drink 1 gallon of water a day without a second thought. Drinking less makes me feel dehydrated
- Staying on plan despite an active schedule- Wedding ring is getting less tight on my finger

- Others are starting to notice changes!- Getting great support from my parents, as well as my husband :)

The Nitty-Gritty Numbers:
{Starting Weight} - 225.8{Current Weight} - 203.8

Inches Lost - 7" Overall
Most Inches Lost - 2" in waist

Overall, I would say it has been a successful month! Next check in will be my 90 day weigh-in where I wanted to hit 200 pounds as the goal. I'm confident I'll hit it!

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