Friday, September 18, 2015

Jillian's First Day of 3 Day Preschool

Jillian is thrilled to be back in preschool! She has a new teacher, and a brand new class, and she did great on her first day!

She is the oldest kid in her class, which is for the best I think. She has been the youngest in any class or program we've put her in thus far. It'll be a good experience for her to experience being the older one. It does make me sad that none of her friends from class last year are in her class this year. She has no issues making friends, but it may make the adjustment just a tad harder than normal.

We are at the same preschool as last year, which is run by the church we attend! She is familiar with the building, and is very comfortable being there. Plus, we feel like it's a great school! Her teachers are great, and they have already done a few things in an effort to help with her hearing loss. As a mother, I very much appreciate that!

Jillian does well with drop off, but she is a tad weepy most days in class. Her initial response to anything is to cry. That means she usually gets time out at least once every day. However, her teacher is already reporting a difference in her ability to calm down, as well as follow directions the first time. {Something we are certainly working on diligently at home!}

Overall, she is very happy and is enjoying school. I pray that we can continue to foster that love of learning for most of her life :)

Here are some outtakes of our little miss on her first day of preschool! No pictures with the parents because she was ready to get inside and get going!
{Still a little sleepy}

{Her big smile that I asked for ;)}


{David wanted in the picture too!}

{Right after this was taken, a fight started. Oh sibling love...}

{This conversation really took place}
{Me: Jillian, can I take your picture outside the sign?}
{J: Umm, maybe after school.}
{Me: Oh please Jillian? It will be real fast!}
{J: (half-heartedly) Alllllright}

{Me: Jillian, look at the camera and smile!}
{This is the resulting picture HAHAHA}

And a comparison of last year. She looks so grown up!

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