Monday, September 21, 2015

David's First Haircut

On July 11th, David got his first haircut! I waited as long as I could because I didn't want him to lose those precious curls. I know he's a boy and all, but they are adorable! Anyways, Phil and his dad kept asking when we were getting his haircut, so I finally caved. My hair appointment before I left on the mission trip was a great time to do it. Of course, I had to take a few pictures of him before we left for the salon!
{The view from the back}

{David's curls look a lot like my brother's when he was a toddler}

{That sweet face! He's my little cherub baby <3}

My MIL met us at the salon, and was kind enough to take pictures for us! I got my color in to set, and then Miss Sarah was ready for David. I came prepared, and he did well for the most part! I was told he did very well, but he had a few freak-out moments. {There may have also been a small sucker-in-the-hair moment as well.} All in all, Miss Sarah did a great job with his hair, and David did well for a first time! And the best part is his hair still has some curl to it :)
{Not a big fan of the spray, even though it's just water}

{Checking out Miss Sarah to make sure she's not up to something ;)}

{Sucker in each hand. He was relatively calm here!}

{Almost done}

{His sweet baby curls}
{I didn't keep them because I didn't keep Jillian's}

{The finished product! He looks happy, no?}

{Sweet boy! It was a little harder leaving him for my mission trip because he looked like such a big boy :'(}

I didn't get a video of him, but these pictures will suffice. Plus, it would mostly be of him yelling out every 2 minutes, and shaking his head no. Plus, I have the memory of it ;) 

It's so funny to me because he just does not enjoy it at all. However, Jillian adores getting her hair cut! She is always ready to jump in the seat and get a trim. I think we have a diva on our hands! You can read about Jillian's first haircut here.

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