Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Highlights

September was busy busy busy for us! Not only did school start again for Jillian, but most of our other activities started as well. Trying to get in the swing of things while keeping up with carb-cycling wasn't easy, but I feel like by the end of the month, I got the hang of it. Lots of good stuff going on in our world :)

{Jillian started preschool the first day of the month! Even though she has all new classmates, she seems to enjoy school very much :)}

{David took a selfie while Mama worked on stuff at the church. Since my screen is locked, he can only access the camera. I have several pictures of the floor/floor + his foot! HAHAHA}

{Jillian dressed herself and wanted to wear her shirt backwards. I'm picking my battles, so she can wear her shirt backwards anytime!}

{I created a new look for a bulletin board at church for the youth! It's a work in progress, and not as easy as it looks. I'm very impressed with teachers who have amazing bulletin boards!}

{Phil got a brand new phone because his old one had a million cracks in it. He was getting glass splinters :( Jillian decided to fix the old one with her play doh! How sweet ;)}

{Jillian and her daddy had a campout in our living room to celebrate the first full week of school!}

{She had a blast! David enjoyed playing in it too :)}

{I was really craving Chinese food for my free day one Sunday. Unfortunately, some of my choices were making me sick. We took a family day trip to the Asian market, and made our own General Tso's chicken! The chicken was baked, so my stomach loved it as much as my tongue!}

{Over Labor Day, we decided to finally organize our garage! With the help of Phil's brother, it went from this...}

{to this! So far we've kept it clean. And yes, both cars fit in there.}

{A friend from church started a book club for this book. I bought in on Amazon, and I really enjoyed it! Having a book club is really fun, so we're trying to come up with ways to hang out when we've run out of book to discuss}

{I got my hair refreshed, and feeling good!}

{I don't get enough time with this guy. I really do love him, and I love getting to do life with him :)}

{I told Phil that I wished our kids could have the video store experience that we did as kids at Blockbuster. He reminded me that there is a video store still open near our house. We drove over, signed up for membership, and have started doing Family Movie Nights! On payday, we will go to the store, pick out videos and snacks, put on pjs, and lay on sleeping bags and pillows to watch a movie together. It's nothing big or fancy, but something I want to do! Hopefully we can continue the tradition and the kids continue to enjoy it :) We of course started the inaugural one with a Mickey Mouse Movie ;)}

{Jillian made me a bead necklace and asked me to wear it. I was happy to oblige!}

{This is from school. Jillian is getting so good at coloring, and she really enjoys art!}

{David searched all morning for the perfect spot to eat his waffles. He decided right in front of the fridge would do :)}

{Round 2 of blood work}
{The first round was for my primary care physician. He wanted to check several things in my blood, but I had to be off Metformin for a full month before I could. I was only able to conceive and carry both Jillian and David by taking Metformin for my PCOS. However, my body is starting to regulate sugar on its own again. Overall, my bloodwork came back great, and the doctor is pleased with my weight loss. He is hopeful I can conceive and carry more children without Metformin, but told us to give it until January before asking for help. This picture was for a progesterone test with my OBGYN. Basically, Phil and I will be trying for a few months for Baby #3 without Metformin. I may or may not need help, but so far it seems like I'll need help with progesterone for sure. Having regular(ish) cycles and signs of ovulation without Metformin are good signs. We'll just have to be patient for now :)}

{We all went to a football game to support some of the high schoolers at church! We had a good time until...}

{Davey fell on some concrete :( Poor guy was really bruised and scraped! He was having a good time up until then though. A little popcorn calmed him down, and we stayed until the 3rd Quarter}

{The next day looked a little worse. Luckily, he healed within a few days}

{I got our fall decorations down from the attic. Jillian and David both started pulling apart my fall wreath, and scattering the fake spiders all over the house. Tis the season I guess!}

{We were invited to the ground breaking ceremony for Jillian's hearing clinic! We are so excited for them to get this amazing facility so that they can help so many others! I also loved that they incorporated faith into the majority of the ceremony}

{Breaking ground!}

{They let us sign a beam that will go in the building. Jillian wrote her (big) name all by herself!}

{I'm sure this was their favorite part of the night!}

{Jillian got her face painted like a Ninja Turtle! (She's really into the old 80's cartoon TMNT that Phil and I would watch as kids) She loved her make up!}

{She couldn't wait to show daddy!}

{These are some of my kids at church! We built a Tower of Babel out of grapes and toothpicks. I love these crazy kids, and our Wednesday nights together :)}

Like I said, it was pretty full, but we definitely had some good times. I'm sure it will only get busier from here!


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