Monday, June 27, 2016

New Recipes FTW 6/27: {What I Cooked That's New to Me Over the Last Two Weeks}

I have a tendency to search online, or Pinterest, for recipes if I need a new one. While there's nothing wrong with that, I have the bad habit of not keeping a link to them. If I end up liking the recipe, (if I even remember it), I usually have to search all over again. So, I thought I'd save the webpage on my phone, then make a list of the recipes I tried!

Side note: If we didn't like the recipe, I won't link to the recipe. However, we're usually pretty easy to please :)

When I go grocery shopping, I usually plan for 2 weeks worth of dinners/desserts/treats. That way, I only have to restock on snacks or breakfast items halfway through payday. I usually plan for eating out twice per pay period, plus we eat at church on Wednesday nights if there's youth group.

Hopefully I can keep this up, so that I can always find recipes! If you feel like trying something new, give these a whirl!


Moroccan Chicken with Green Olives and Lemons from bon appetit
{A few things we did differently: 1) We halved the recipe due to the amount of chicken we had, 2) We used chicken thighs instead of cutting a whole chicken in pieces, and 3) We used regular sized spanish manzanilla olives because Phil didn't realize I bought olives specifically for the recipe. It still turned out good!}

Caprese Salad from Pioneer Woman
{I've made this before, but didn't save the recipe. I love this for when it's too hot to use the stove!}
{Also, I tend to use less basil than recommended just due to my personal preferences :)}


Strawberry Cheesecake Lush from
{This very much satisfied a cheesecake and strawberry craving I was having! It was really sweet, so I didn't eat a lot at once. Also, after about 2 days, the fresh strawberries made the dessert runny in the fridge. I just dabbed it, but feel like this is better as a dessert for more than 2 people}

Cherry Peach Cobbler from Flapjacked
{This is actually the brand of protein pancake mix that I get a monthly subscription for. I started using it while carb-cycling, and I'm still using it from time to time now until I start carb-cycling again. I'm sure it can be made without, but I wouldn't know how!}
{Also, I used the Banana Hazelnut flavored mix, so I had to add some cinnamon to the recipe as recommended. It was a hit!}
{My peaches ended up being overripe for this, but it still tasted good. It's really delicious served warm with some vanilla ice cream, or the Vanilla Maple flavor of Arctic Zero :)}


Hot Corn Dip from Pioneer Woman
{Things we did differently: 1) Our propane tank ran out about 3 minutes into cooking the corn on the grill, so we finished cooking in the oven, 2) I used chili powder and cajun seasoning to sprinkle on top, 3) We don't have a stand mixer, so I mixed by hand. Not impossible, but definitely an arm workout, and 4) I had a lot of leftovers, so I would recommend making this for an event or a crowd. I still have lots that I won't get to enjoy before I probably should stop eating it!}
{Also note, the way she cut the corn off the cob, (while you do need to be very careful), is genius! I was much easier to collect and use! I'll keep this in mind in case any of our kiddos need braces}

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