Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Highlights

June was pretty laid back for us. Well, it was after VBS at church ;)

Here are some of the highlights!
{Just in time for Davey's half birthday, Timehop gave me this gem!}

{Spelunker Courtney ready to lead singing for Cave Quest VBS!}
{We had a great week, and both the kiddos had a good time :)}

{With the heat, mama decided we needed some sprinkler fun...}

{followed by popsicles of course!}

{We decided to do Hobo Dinners one night}
{Phil and I both loved summer camp, so we wanted our kids to get a "taste" of camp :)}


{Both kiddos did not have clean PJs, so they worse daddy's shirt. They were thrilled! It's the little things I guess ;)}

{Grapes and caprese salad for lunch. The balsamic glaze is time consuming, but always worth it!}

{I bought some new workout headbands for after BB-3 is here. I can't wait to try them out :)}

{I was feeling off one day, so I went to Walgreen's and got my blood pressure checked. It was high enough that the nurse at my hospital asked that I come in and be monitored. It ended up being fine, but I had to spend almost 2 hours in an observation room by myself on a Friday night. Thankfully, BB-3 looked great, and my body finally calmed down! I never had anything like this before with Jillian or David. I don't know if it's age, heat, or what}

{Jillian created this all by herself! She was so proud!}

{We spent the day before Father's Day together. We started at the park...}

{Then shared a root beer float! It was a fun afternoon for sure}

{I was really missing France, so Phil made my morning drink in my Montpellier mug :)}

{Davey showing off the hat I made Jillian. He's a hoot!}

{Jillian drawing with sidewalk chalk. I love her creativity!}

{Those curls}

{This is like, a senior picture pose! Before I know it, he'll be 18 :'(}

{Celebrating the first day of summer with my favorite guy :)}

{As is our tradition, we celebrated the first day of summer with Sonic drinks and a picnic outside. The weather was perfect!}

{Jillian's hair is long enough to braid again, and she LOVES it!}

{After being monitored, I was offered the chance to do a 24-hour urine sample to make sure preeclampsia wasn't trying to appear. It came back all clear, but boy it was not fun}

{Sprinkler time with our clothes on!}

{Even mama joined in :)}
Hope you had a great June!

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