Monday, December 12, 2016

Jillian: {5 Years}

Jillian –

You are 5 years old today! I am in awe that we are here, my darling. There's something about the little baby that made you a parent turning 5 years old that just seems so big! According our measurements are home, you are 35 lbs, 10 oz and 40-1/2 inches long. We'll update the official stats when you go to the doctor in January. {EDIT: As of 1/19/17, you are 35lbs, 8 oz and 41-1/4 inches long. That is 2.5 lbs heavier & 2.75 inches longer than at 4 years old, and 29 lbs, 2 oz heavier & 21-1/4 inches longer than at birth!}

You wear mostly 4T, and a few 5T clothes. You can still fit in some 2T and 3T clothes, but they are short in the legs. You wear size 4 underwear, and wear size 8-9 shoes.

Eating is decent for you. You don't always want what we make, but we don't give you other options. You usually eat something though. Other times, you'll clean your plate and ask for seconds. I think it just depends on the day. You're not always willing to try new foods without a little encouragement. However, you will try it. You'll say "I like it!" even when you don't. We usually have to ask if you want more. If you say no, then that means you didn't actually like it ;) You like whole milk, water, lemonade, celery. oranges, chicken, cheese, and plain spaghetti noodles. Other than that, you'll eat here and there, but nothing is guaranteed ;)

You have all of your teeth, and you have had zero teeth issues. You have dentist appointments that you rock! You like the dentist and his assistants, so you're one of their favorite patients :) You are a great patient both at the dentist, and at the doctor's office! You very rarely cry or make a scene. Plus, you give the doctors high fives and hugs, which I'm sure they don't get all that often. We talk about teeth falling out every so often, and you seem pretty unsure about it. I think you may worry about it hurting. We'll cross that bridge when we get there, honey!

Sleep is good overall. You very rarely take a nap, but when you do, it usually lasts about 1-1.5 hours. Those are the days we've really tired you out! You share a bedroom with your brother, and you seem to like it for the most part. You still love your big girl bed. We notice that sometimes you're a little cranky in the morning because you'll get up extra early. I think you're just a morning bird! On rare occasions, you come in our room because of a loud noise or a bad dream. After some cuddles, you usually go back to bed just fine. You also do pretty well in terms of sleep in hotels or at other homes.

This fall, you started the PreK class at preschool. This is your very last year of preschool before you go to Kindergarten at your big school! You LOVE your teachers, your classmates, and going for extended day on Tuesdays. You have the most fun with coloring, painting, music, and playing outside. You have a few social issues, (like sharing, and controlling your big emotions), but you are doing really well at school. You are SO very smart. It's hard to keep you interested simply because you understand what's happening already. We recently discovered that you can read! You do it every chance you get.

You are still very verbal, and just about anyone can understand what you're saying. Your vocabulary is incredible, and we tend to forget you're only just now 5 years old based on your speech. We are still looking into cochlear implants for your right ear, but we're running into some insurance issues. Like I mentioned at your 4 year update, if we are able to do this, you will most likely go back to speech therapy while you adjust. You certainly don't let your hearing loss slow you down! Your personality is one of a kind! I get so many comments about how friendly and sweet you are. You really have never met a stranger, and you love telling anyone and everyone your life story. Even though it's not in my personality to do that, I try not to keep you from doing that. Partially because it's what makes you you, and also because it really seems to brighten other people's day when you smile and hug them just because :) For the most part, you are just sweet, loving, funny, and a joy to be around. You love anything pink, especially with sparkles. I think it's because you truly leave a sparkle everywhere you go. You are strong-willed, independent, intelligent, and confident. All these things will take you far!

You are pretty sensitive, and we also recently discovered that you have a little bit of sensory issues to work through. Now that we know this, it makes sense why you like certain bedsheets, or get SO upset about your socks being crooked. We're working with you as best as we can. Overall, I think you've mature quite a bit this past year. You're asking more questions about church, and we just pray that we can help you in your faith journey!

Similar to your 4 year update, running is still your favorite way to exert your energy! You run laps around the house/couch, you love to play "catch me" with anyone that's willing, and you love to show off how fast you can run. You took a soccer class last spring and just loved it! You'll get to do it again in the spring. So far, soccer is the only sport you are interested in. You did tell me you already know how to play basketball ;) Your allergies have gotten even better, and I believe we only used your inhaler twice all year! You will get red and itchy if you run barefoot in the grass. Usually, we can just give you a quick bath and it subsides. You still enjoy singing in the children's choir at church. You don't always sing loudly during "performances," but your enthusiasm always makes up for it :)

Right now, you are SUPER into little toys called Shopkins. You play with The Grossery Gang as well, but prefer Shopkins. Other than that, there is no real favorite thing of yours that I could list. You fixate on a show or character for a bit, then move on to the next one. You still love arty stuff, and you color really well!

You're a great big sister to Davey and Lottie! When asked, you usually list David among your best friends. I know you will always have your siblings, and I hope you will always consider them close friends! You also love our dog, Olive. You think she's the perfect dog for us, and you love to pet her whenever you can. As much as you love me, you are definitely a daddy's girl. The world is a much better place when he's around :)

Jillian, I am in awe at the little girl you are becoming. You look more like a girl than my little baby I first held in my arms 5 years ago. You made us parents, and we are so thankful to have you in our lives. You bring so much laughter, joy, tears, and love in everything you do. I pray God will always be a part of your life, and that you learn to lean on him and show his love and mercy to the whole world. You have a bright future ahead of you. What a privilege for us to watch it unfold :) Love you, sweet Jilly Bean!

{Suspicious of David who wanted a picture with her}

{Blurry, but a sweet smile :)}

{Goofy Kiddos}

{David giving Sissy a birthday kiss!}

{Left: 1 Month Right: 5 Years}

{From Left to Right: 1 Year, 3 Years, and 5 Years}

{Left: 4 Years Right: 5 Years}


  1. Happy Birthday Jillian! Can you believe our babies are 5!?!?!?

    1. Oh my goodness, right?!? They can't be that old because I haven't aged at all ;)


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