Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Highlights

2016 ended up being a much different year that I could have ever expected. If you had told me all the things that did and did not happen this year, I don't think I would have believed it.

All in all, December was quite a month for us. It brought the holidays, the season of birthdays, and lots of fun and excitement to boot. Here are some of our highlights:
{Davey requested birthday chocolate chip cookies instead of cake. Easy enough!}

{He covered his ears when we sang to him though. He didn't mind singing the song, but did not want to be sung to!}

{We hosted a babysitting event and lock-in for the youth girls at church! We had a fun time, even though I ended up with a cold afterwards :(}

{Davey enjoying his first cup of hot chocolate!}

{Phil and his little Lottie :)}

{Jillian wrote her letter to Santa all by herself! She's growing up so fast :'(}

{My parents sent us some Topsy's Popcorn - one of my favorite traditions in the family!}

{Lottie and her newest hobby: chewing and drooling}

{Instead of having a birthday party, we took the family to a hotel that had a pool! We spent the night at the hotel, and swam in the pool together. The kids had fun, and we were glad to celebrate their birthdays}

{We went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast after our hotel stay, and they were letting kids decorate their own donuts! This was David's creation}

{Jillian requested funfetti cupcakes with hot pink icing. If Jillian were a cupcake, this is exactly what she'd be :)}

{HOW is my baby 5?!?}

{We dressed up Lottie in the Christmas Sack my brother had. They are all definitely related, even though Lottie fills it out more ;)}
{From Left to Right: Jillian, David, and Lottie}

{This picture is from Jillian's hearing clinic. This was taken at their Christmas party. It was a great picture of them with Santa!}

{We decided to build a gingerbread house}

{We were proud of our creation!}

{Buying our Christmas tree for 50% off the weekend before Christmas. This is one of Phil's favorite traditions ;)}

{Lottie slept through the whole thing!}

{David and Jillian with our decorated tree!}

{Waiting at the doctor to check out Jillian}

{David's turn}
{I couldn't get Lottie there and take a picture, so no Santa Lottie ;)}

{Jillian had some wheezing, so she got an inhaler and antibiotic. Poor girl :(}

{Jillian was well enough to go to Polar Express Day at school!}

{For those wondering, no, my wrapping has not improved over the years!}

{Davey and I like to do Snapchat filters together :)}

{Jillian ready for Christmas Day church :)}

{David was watching the rows in front of us, and decided to sing the hymn too}

{Poor Davey after seeing the doctor. He and Lottie both had the same thing Jillian did with double ear infections for both. He got some iPad time just so he'd sit still!}

{Jillian standing on the box that had our new recliners! She needed Gee-Chaz's help getting up and down :)}

{Lottie smiling at her Jemma <3}

Hope your December was lovely! See you guys next year!

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