Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I just wanted y'all to know I'm still alive!

Last week was really rough for Jillian and I. For whatever reason, she barely ate her bottle. Solids? Not a problem. However, she would only eat between 18 and 20 oz total for the day. I know that she's ok as long as she continues to gain weight and is hydrated if she wets 5 diapers a day. However, my frustration and fear got the best of me. I was impatient and at the end of my rope. I cried at least once a day because I was so worried. Jillian had no signs of sickness and didn't even really seem that hungry. My mom had to remind me repeatedly that Jillian is her own person. If she's not hungry, I can't make her eat. All I can do is be there and ready to tackle whatever need she has at the moment. Even if I think she needs more food, she will only eat when she's ready. {Thank you for the support mama! I don't know how I would have gotten through last week without you.}

Nothing like a baby to keep you humble right?

Aside from possible teething, there does not seem to be a reason behind this sudden lack of appetite. However, she's been fine overall and eating her solids like a champ. We don't have a set schedule, but she is consistently sleeping for 90 minutes around the same time in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. She will usually take a quick cat nap before her bedtime routine. This doesn't seem to throw her overtime sleeping off so we let her sleeps as she needs.

After the weekend, I've have been trying a new attitude with her food. It still is a little frustrating, but I don't get nearly as upset and on edge as I did last week. As long as she gets 15 oz of just formula, anything else is icing on the cake. With this change, she seems to be more relaxed and ate better yesterday than she has in awhile. Let's hope this pattern continues!

I have no idea of if the boxes and constant chaos in our apartment has anything to do with it or not. Even though this is temporary, I don't want this move to cause Jillian any anxiety.

My mind is going a million directions at once, but I know this is for the best. We'll be in a safer environment and moving on to the next stage in life as a family. Can we just skip the next 2 1/2 weeks so I can be all moved in, unpacked, and mostly decorated?! A girl can dream right? HAHA

It's still hard to think that I will have keys to our home in 13 days. Our home. This is something I've wanted for a long time. The time is finally near and I'm beyond thrilled!

If I continue to be a little sporadic about posting and/or commenting on blogs, you know why. I should be mostly settled by the second weekend of August! We'll be done just in time for Jillian and I to visit my folks in Minnesota again. {Poor Phil has to work and cannot join us :(} Then football season starts and a whole new form of hectic will begin!

It's going to be a crazy life, but it'll be our crazy life :)


  1. First of all, congrats on the new house! I know you have been ready for a house for forever, so I'm glad to hear that dream is coming true.

    About the food - I was reminded that there are days when I am more hungry than I am on other days and that babies are the same way. It's so hard to keep a positive attitude as our babies are learning to eat. I feel your pain! But hang in there. Her body knows when it is full, even if we think they couldn't possibly be!

    1. Thank you! And thank you for the supportive words. It stinks you know first-hand what I'm going through, but it is nice to know Jillian isn't the only baby that does it :)

      Once things are a little less chaotic, I have a birthday gift for Miss E! (I cannot believe she's almost 1!) I'll text you and see when I can come by the office with it.


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