Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our First Home: Moving {Part 1}

We're are officially homeowners! So much has happened and it will take a few posts to get there. If you're not super interested in this, I'll have a special post in the next few days of just photos :) I really want to remember everything that happened!

Sunday, 7/29
We're going to start at what I consider the beginning. {You know, when we boarded the crazy train.} Sunday was going to be pretty busy for us. Not only did we have church as per usual, but we had two other things to do.

After church service, the choir had a quick bite to eat together. We were going to a local assisted living center to sing a few songs. Well, they were scheduled to start at 2 pm and we had our final walk-through at 2. With the permission of the director, we went to the walk-through and agreed to meet up for the last half of the program. Lucky for us, the nursery staff at the church agreed to stay at the building with Jillian. Not only would we be running around, but it was about 106*. We drove to the house where we found our realtor talking to the seller. Apparently, they were not moved out yet and closing was less than 24 hours away! {In fact, the seller admitted they didn't finish moving out until early in the morning the next day.} Our walk-through ended up only being about 10 minutes long since they still had stuff everywhere. If nothing else, the roof was replaced which was our main concern. We thanked our realtor and headed to the assisted living center.

Here's the problem; the center we were going to is an entire neighborhood. They have a retirement home, assisted living center, AND independent living homes in this little area. We went to the place we thought was the assisted living center. We walked in and ended up walking down this long row of wandering elderly people in their wheelchairs. It smelled like cherry cough syrup and slightly like urine. {It made me really sad.} At one point, we were passing a woman who was looking at us, (or so I thought), with her hands palm up and muttering what I thought was "I'm Rita." I said "Hello" as we passed, only to realize she was saying "I'm ready" over and over. {Yikes} After walking around for about 10 minutes, then a little bit a driving through the neighborhood, we finally found the right building. As we jumped out of the car, trying to make it before the program was over, I shut the door and had a bad feeling. Sure enough, the car was left running and the doors were locked. {Yet another reason it was a good thing Jillian was not with us.} We walked in and Phil was able to get someone from the choir to take him back to the church building to get my keys that happened to be in the diaper bag. He even got back in time for the last 2 songs of the program.

The rest of the evening we spent packing and getting the cars ready for signing day.

Monday, 7/30
I honestly felt like this was our adult birthday. I mean, having a mortgage is one of the most adult things you can do! We got there at about 9 a.m. with our signing hands ready. It really only took about 30 minutes, but we signed a TON of papers. We then waited for the seller to sign her papers before getting the keys. By 10:15, we were officially homeowners!! We packed up the car with some items we wanted to move ourselves and just reveled in the fact that the home was ours! We took a quick family photo and made it "Facebook official." Phil had to go back to work after lunch so I stayed to do a little cleaning.  I didn't want to stay too late because it was 107*. Also, I didn't want to mess up Jillian's eating/napping schedule very much. The seller left behind several things, but one in particular was their fridge. I knew I'd have to clean it a little bit, but I spent about 6 hours over the next 3 days cleaning it out. This was partially due to my standards for cleanliness. It was frustrating, but it was worth it to me.

After Phil got off work, we went to Home Depot to pick out paints for the two rooms I wanted to paint before we moved much in. The rest of the evening was spent packing again :)

To be continued...


  1. Exciting stuff!! The temps sound AWFUL, though. I'm glad you all made it through, and I cannot WAIT to see the house! Love ya!

    1. Thanks :) Summers have been pretty brutal here lately. Love you too!


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