Monday, July 2, 2012


Wow you guys, that was a crazy week. Despite having Phil home at night, I felt like a hybrid working mother-stay at home mother all in one! I didn't have time, (or energy) to do laundry OR grocery shopping. We ate out way too much over the past week. Luckily for me, the week came to an end and we had 0 plans for the weekend. This turned into a long weekend. It was nice to be home for the most part, but I did lots of catching up. I got through most of the laundry, went grocery shopping, picked up/organized a little and we're a little over halfway through the 2nd season of Grey's Anatomy via Netflix :)

I was uncertain if I wanted to say anything or not, but I'm pretty confident that God is seeing us through this process. We are officially under contract on a house! We found one we really like and we're so excited about it! It's a newer home, (built in 2005), so we're not too worried about the inspection. As long as everything goes well, we'll be closing on July 30th!! I can't believe this will be the last month in this apartment. Honestly? I'm sure I'll be a little nostalgic because this is the place we brought our baby home from the hospital :) And it was a God-send last summer when I could just go home for lunch with my weird pregnant diet. Now I'm in full organizing/tossing out/packing mode. I ordered some moving kits online so that I would have good boxes and all the wrapping paper, tape, and bubble wrap I need without having to run to Target every other day. {Like I need an excuse. I'm already surprised they don't know me by name yet!} It's going to be a whirlwind, but worth it for sure.

There is a post in my head that I'll do later this week. It's really important to me and I hope I stick to it.

I really haven't taken many photos of Jillian lately. It makes me sad that I'm slacking, so I'm already making up for lost time!

And because I feel like I owe you guys some pictures...
{Carrie, this is as close to the bulldog face as I could get!} 

{This was actually taken by someone else at church during VBS. It's the only photo I have of her for the whole week. Still adorable though :)} 

{We were a bit messy with our oatmeal and fruit this morning...} 

 {Really concentrating on that spoon. See that forehead crinkle of hers? She gets that from Phil}

{What a smile :)} 

{Have I mentioned before how much I love her feet? I really do} 

{And her tiny hands too <3} 

{This may be out of focus and blurry, but this is a very typical outtake for us. Like Laura has said before, sometimes you have to save the blurry ones}
{Notice the small piece of oatmeal on her arm even after I bathed her LOL} 

{Leaning and smiling :) We'll get this sitting up thing at some point. No rush baby girl!} 

{We got this outfit at Babies R Us the other week. It's a 6/9 Month outfit which is why it's a little big on her. I just love the Minnie Mouse cupcake :)}

Happy Monday y'all!


  1. Baby girl's adorable as always!! :)

  2. Adorable!! I see the bulldoggie face! Lol :)
    So excited for you guys!! xoxo

    1. HAHA I'm glad you do :)
      The best part is, we should be mostly settled when you're in town so you'll get to see it!! xoxo


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