Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy Week: Take 3

Today was the first day of VBS at our new church. We have 230 kids plus another 40 volunteers in the church building at once! It's really crazy busy, but it's been fun so far :) My little group of 6 kids are pretty good. However, I do have one child that clearly would rather just be at home playing video games. Plus, I think he mentioned that he already did this particular VBS curriculum at another church. I asked for a little guidance after we finished and I hope tomorrow is a little smoother.

I will say this - Jillian love it! She even took a nap for the nursery workers without bawling her eyes out. {I obviously need some tips from them! HAHA} They even took her to the closing singing program with all the kids and she had a blast! She was kicking all around and watching everyone dancing and singing. I'm so proud of her :)

We got home during the heat of the day, (we officially hit 100 degrees), and I took a quick cold shower. Then Jillian tried sweet potatoes with her rice cereal! It's the last veggie for Stage 1 so we'll be trying fruit next week. It's exciting to introduce her to all these yummy foods, especially now that she seems to understand the concept of eating.

Later tonight, Phil and I are meeting with our realtor to discuss some things. We're pretty hopeful and excited about it! Any good thoughts/vibes and prayers are always appreciated!

Now Jillian is making all kinds of squealing sounds mixed in with some "mamamamamama" sounds. Motherly duty calls!

I hope y'all are having a great Monday!

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