Tuesday, March 26, 2013

27 On My 27th

In honor of my 27th birthday, here are 27 randoms about me :)

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  1. After being pregnant with Jillian, I cannot eat KFC. In fact, I can't even look at one without my stomach churning. I can eat the strips from Popeyes and Chick-fil-A sandwiches/nuggets, but don't even think about suggesting KFC. {And trust me, grilled is not any better than fried.}
  2. I don't know why I bother trying any other way because I can only sleep comfortably on my stomach. Period.
  3. Over the course of my life, I have lived with 9 cats, 3 dogs, 3 hamsters, 3 hermit crabs, 2 parakeets, and 1 dwarf rabbit. {Never all at once mind you!}
  4. I have a stronger connection to our life in Arkansas than my brother.
  5. I'm double jointed in both my knees. I usually have to lock my knees during choir concerts so I don't feel faint.
  6. I have never liked the taste of milk. Chocolate milk is fine, but plain milk leaves a weird after-taste!
  7. I used to tell people I was allergic to coconut because shredded coconut freaked me out. I still haven't tried it as an adult, and I'm a little worried I might like it.
  8. I do better with directions, (especially cooking instructions), when they have specific descriptions instead of just, "stir until well blended." {I mean, what does that even mean?!} 
  9. When I'm bored, I go on IMDB and look around at connections of actors, movies, etc. This has caused me to have an extremely useless amount of movie trivia and celebrity knowledge. 
  10. Thanks to my dad, (and a little of my mom), I have a song for just about anything. I also change lyrics to fit whatever situation is going on. {For example: Jillian had a rubber duck and couldn't turn the page of a book. So I sang, "Put down the duckie if you want to read your little book!" like this song.}
  11. When Phil tells me he doesn't recognize a song I'm singing, a little part of me dies :-/
  12. I was born the Wednesday of Holy Week. How do you think my pastor parents felt about that? ;) That means my first church service was Easter Sunday. 
  13. I collect coffee mugs and always use them!
  14. After being pregnant with Jillian, I'm prone to vertigo and have more fainting spells than I ever did before. Since I am a fast fainter, (I've even had a doctor comment on it), I hit the ground in an effort to not faint. I figure, if I'm going down, I should do so willingly ;)
  15. My favorite pizza is Papa John's, but I am pretty loyal to Pizza Hut too. My ideal pizza is pepperoni and mushrooms!
  16. Since there are hardly any songs about girls named "Courtney," and only 1 I know of about brown eyed girls, my parents made up "C is for Courtney" based off of a Sesame Street song. {Sensing a theme here ;)}
  17. I had texting for 1 month my senior year of high school, and didn't get it again until I got married!
  18. I could eat chips and salsa, and tabouli salad every single day, and I would never get tired of either.
  19. I have watched through the entire Sex and the City, and Gilmore Girls series 4 times each and own all the seasons on DVD. I'm working on Bones, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory. It may take awhile since they are all still in production. 
  20. I used to hate baseball and football because it took away my dad and brother's attention. Now, I love baseball, and college football. I still prefer to go to games as opposed to watching them on TV.
  21. I fell in love with Shakespeare after taking  a class my last semester in college. Before that, I only like "Much Ado About Nothing."
  22. I still write poems and short stories, but don't always save a copy. Just writing the words down, even if it's briefly, can be therapeutic for me!
  23. I already have a plan for my 30th birthday. If I'm going to be hitting a milestone, I want to on my own terms ;)
  24. I'm so glad Jillian loves to read because I'm not a big reader. I always wished I was.
  25. I actually like to paint and draw a lot. I know I'm not that great at it, but I find it fun!
  26. I love roller coasters!
  27. I'm a closet math and science nerd. I enjoy both, but never applied myself in school.


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it is wonderful! Jimmy is catching up on Bones right now. I love that show!

    1. Thank you so much! We started watching it on Netflix over the summer of 2011 when I was pregnant and it was too hot to leave the apartment. We love watching it together! Such a good show :)


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