Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jillian's First Easter Egg Hunt

This morning, we went to our old church for their Easter egg hunt! They had a great turn out, and we had a blast :)

Of course, Jillian's favorite part was the Easter Bunny. I had a feeling she might not be scared of him since she's really into bunnies right now. However, the moment that bunny walked through the door, she squealed like a teenage girl at a Backstreet Boys/N*SYNC/Justin Bieber/One Direction concert! She ran as fast as she could, waving her hands in the arm. Once she got close, she would wave with one hand, switch to the other hand, and repeat while jabbering loudly. Once she saw other kids hugging him, she started to do that instead.

In fact, once she was done hunting eggs, she would go give him a hug, then walk away. After 10 seconds, she'd turn around, and run back to him. If there was another kid with him, we'd make her wait, but boy was she ready to see him again ;)

I did capture one of those moments on video too!

I'm glad she had a fun time for her first official egg hunt. We'll have one at our church on Easter morning, but this was a fun prelim :)

Here are a few pictures from this morning. Enjoy!
{This is kind of how our life is right now. Blurry and fast paced, but sweet :)} 

{Found an egg!}

{Into the basket it goes} 

{That must be her "I'm concentrating" look} 

{Crawling can still be faster sometimes!} 

{Here you will see the two sides of Jillian}
{Side 1: Sweet, Cute, and Giving a Friendly Hello} 

{Side Two: Out of my way! I'm got eggs to collect and a bunny to see!} 

 {Oh sweet bunny! I haven't seen you for two whole minutes!}

{So enthralled by the Easter Bunny}

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