Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dear 17 Year Old Me

Since today is the day before school starts at my alma mater, I thought I'd write a letter to myself a decade ago :)

Dear 17 Year Old Courtney,

Hey there girl! Are you ready for senior year? Yeah, the summer was a bit rough between getting your wisdom teeth taken out, and all the up and downs with Josh. Now that summer band is over? Things are just beginning.

I'm going to warn you now, the next 9 months are going to be quite the roller coaster. That's pretty typical for seniors in high school, but some of these situations will actually alter your views/feelings about high school after you leave. Hang on girl, this is a doozy!

When you don't get color guard captain because of a rumor created by the assistant instructor? That's going to hurt. Don't listen to the captain when she offers to make you co-captain. She won't actually do it. However, keep your attitude positive and your demeanor sweet. Most of the girls on the guard will look up to you and seek you for advice for band and other parts of life :) You guys won't win state, but you will work hard and be proud of all you accomplish. You'll also get two black eyes. Buy make-up accordingly ;)

You will get two marriage proposals by the end of the year. One will come too early in the relationship with Jack, the other will be used more as a reason to get back with Josh. First of all, you will do the right thing by not accepting either. Secondly, try your best to just explain to Jack how much you were thrown off guard and just don't want to at this point. It may not make a difference, but it may make the breakup a little more amicable. There will also be a guy you really like and want to date. He is a great guy, but just treat him like a friend and put him on your list of "Never Gonna Work Out Guys." He does like you to, but will never actually work up the courage to do anything about it. Yes, even if you basically tell him flat out you'll say yes if he asks. Plus, all your guy friends? They're gonna get tired of hearing about it. And when you look back at your Xanga page, (that you'll create in April), that's all you'll talk about. Trust me, there are plenty of time for boys when none of them are Mr. Right! Same thing goes for the cute exchange student. He'll date a sophomore by Christmas, so it's not worth it to worry about. Just enjoy the view accent.

Friends are important, but only your family will stick around. Give your mama a break too. You'll fight more this year, but only because she's going to miss you. {Ok, and you're being a bit bratty. You do need to get this "rebellion" out of your system though.} You and your dad will get a little closer, which is nice. Talking to Mikey will always make you feel better about what's going on. Siblings are the best allies we could imagine. Utilize his wisdom, and remember to thank your parents for everything they're doing. You will later on, but I know they'll appreciate it in the moment!

Choir is going to be good and bad. You'll have a new teacher that makes sure to give you equal attention. In fact, you'll have a great relationship with him as an adult, so make sure to treat him kindly :) You won't win the election for Choir President, so really, just don't run. It won't be worth it. You'll sing great music and go to All-State. You won't make ACDA, but it's only because you have the flu the week you make your recording. Be sure to ask to sing at graduation in September. I'm pretty sure asking that early is the only reason you get to. And trust me, it's a proud moment. Family members are still bragging about it :) The Titan Idol contest? You make the right choice in not competing. It would just cause more angst for you. However, don't expect people to watch when you sing during tabulations. It will make you cry because you think they hate you! Keep in touch with your favorite underclassmen. You'll really miss them later on.

You are going to work your butt off. Between playing piano for the Jazz band, to getting straight A's, you'll be a busy bee. It will be so worth it. You'll be a valedictorian, in NHS, and will get an extra tassel for completing the Senior Project class. You set a goal junior year, and you'll achieve it! It's going to feel amazing. Keep that feeling, because it's so easy to forget.

Despite a great audition, you will not get a scholarship to your #1 choice college, making it impossible to attend. This will be devastating, only because you put all your eggs into two baskets while expecting just the one basket. You will get an amazing scholarship to #2. Plus, you meet your future husband at #2! You could apply to a few other schools, but go with #2. Even though you won't graduate from there, it is important you go and learn the lessons you do. 

Beware of the two parties you go to at the end of the year. You'll party plenty in college, I promise!

Senior year is not going to go exactly how you expect. It will be hard, hurtful, beautiful, and amazing. Trust me when I say, it's better how things turn out as opposed to what you want. You will have fun, and remember high school fondly, (for the most part). It will be hard to go back, but don't feel like you have to. There is no obligation to relive high school. Besides, the best years of your life are on their way. I guarantee it :)

27 Year Old You

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