Friday, August 9, 2013

That Moment: Pregnancy Style

I'm so stinkin' tired y'all. I have not been able to sleep until at least midnight the last few nights no matter what I do. The worst was last night with our loud thunderstorms. Every time I was just about to knock out, a loud thunder clap would happen. I would levitate jump and be wide awake. We also lost power at 2 am for about 45 minutes. That's not too long, but it sure was hot waiting for the fan/AC to turn back on :-/

Due to my lack of sleep and the randomness that is my life, I thought I'd do a pregnancy style "that moment" kind of post. I did a similar post back in January.

That moment when... you blow a kiss to your toddler down the aisle of Target and some random dude just happens to walk behind her, thinking you're blowing the kiss at him. Um, no thank you. And the look on his face told me he was a little weirded out too. Oy.

That moment when... you're sneezing in public, so you're trying to hold it in as best you can. When all's said and done, you think to yourself, "Self, that wasn't so bad! Good job not making a scene with you sneezes." Then you look down and see some sneeze remnants in your freshly washed hair. Super.

That moment when... you realize your baby is almost ready for a pre-preschool* class in the fall! When did she get to be so old?! The only issue is, her last two classes are the two weeks after David is due. We may need to work on scheduling for that :-/

That moment when... you cough so hard from swallowing wrong that you have to go change pants due to *ahem* a little accident.

That moment when... you decide to not watch Toddlers and Tiaras for a third time on Netflix, and instead start watching Private Practice since you never watched it before. So far, I like it!

That moment when... despite all the crazy things going on/pregnancy symptoms you experience, you realize just how blessed you are to have a happy, healthy baby outside and inside your belly :) Even on my hardest days, I wouldn't trade my life for anything!

Anyone else excited for the weekend? Phil is golfing early tomorrow morning, and we'll eventually finish the wall we're painting. Other than that, we're just enjoying being home and not running around a million places :)

*Jillian's speech therapy clinic as a special class called Listening for Littles. It is a 2 hour, 1 day a week class that parents sit in with their child. They have two activities, snack time, and outdoor play just like a regular preschool. It's aimed specifically for children with hearing loss, so it will be really good for her!


  1. I liked Private Practice! I guess it's no longer on the air (I saw the finale earlier this spring) but I hope you like it too :)

    1. I have a few friends that liked it while it aired, which is why I decided to give it a shot. Yeah, I believe it ended this past May, but I do like it so far :)


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