Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First Trip to Wisconsin 2015

Now that the majority of the snow and ice is done for this winter, we were able to go see my folks in Wisconsin! They moved in the early fall, and we were unable to get up there until now. It's not much of a longer trip than where they were in Minnesota. We just get to drive through a whole new area of Iowa. {Exciting, I know! LOL} We had to wait until the weather cooperated, and luckily it did just that for Jillian's spring break from preschool!

Here are some of the highlights:

{It was pretty windy on our way through Kansas! Don't you just love Davey's hair?! HAHA}
{I did have to make two legs by myself, but it wasn't too bad :)}

{We of course had to stop at the rest area with a Dunkin' Donuts!}

{Jilly with her pink donut... and a million napkins because #toddlersandpreschoolers ;)}
{We stopped in KC, and met up with my folks! This would make the next leg much easier for me!}

{We stopped at our favorite little rest area just inside the Iowa state line. David was waiting "patiently" for his lunch}

{We got Jillian and David some milk to share, and it came in this big frosty mug. Jillian was impressed!}

{On our way through Iowa, we saw the sign for my future SIL's undergrad alma mater! I took a picture, (from the passenger seat), and sent it to her :)}

{This is actually after our first full day in Wisconsin. Someone loves books, but just couldn't stay awake for the whole story!}

{The next day was St Patrick's Day! We wore green, and then got some yummy ice cream at Dairy Queen! David decided to try his backwards ;)}

{I can't remember what Jillian said here, but she was cracking her Gee-Chaz up!}

{She also didn't seem keen on sharing either HAHA}

{Blanket fun with Jemma!}
{We went to a special dinner fundraiser for one of my mom's churches. They had a traditional corned beef dinner, and it was delicious!}

{We made a special trip to an indoor water park! Jillian did NOT like getting water in her face, but she loved the wave pool if someone was holding her. David was a little uneasy at first, but he did enjoy a little slide in a smaller kids section. The lifejacket did make him tip over a bit. He's still getting used to the whole walking thing ;)}|

{Jillian trying to crawl in the shallow end}

{The next day, we tried going to a special Circus museum, but they were closed for renovations. We did go to this little zoo in town. It was pretty neat, and the kids liked the size}

{David wouldn't nap in a bed, but he did fall asleep on the floor several times! LOL}

{We got to go to dinner with just Gee-Chaz one night, so we ended up at Famous Dave's. Jillian enjoyed her hat, we loved watching her wear it ;)}

{We went to the nearby grocery store because there is a "cow" you can milk! David loved it, but didn't quite understand how to do it}

{Jillian wasn't as sure. She told her Gee-Chaz that she had "milked a cow just yesterday", which is not true ;) Once he showed her the ropes, she gave it a try!}

We did do lots of other little things, but we mostly just enjoyed being together. Before we knew it, it was time to go home.

{Jemma and Gee-Chaz got us a hotel room to stay at in KC. It took awhile to get some sleep, but everyone enjoyed the last moments together}

{Jillian had to try on Gee-Chaz's watch before we got dressed for the day :)}
{We said our goodbyes and my folks headed back north while we headed south}

{I let the kids get out and stretch their legs at a rest stop in Kansas. They just look so free and happy :)}

The only unfortunate thing, besides the visit not feeling long enough, is that the kiddos, my mom, and myself all have colds. It looks like Phil may follow suit soon. Was it worth it? Oh yes!! This isn't our last trip to Wisconsin, but it was a great first trip!

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