Sunday, March 1, 2015

David: {15 Months}

David -

You are 15 months old today! Your personality is really coming out, and it's been mostly fun to watch! According to our home measurements, you are 22lbs, 9oz, and 31 inches long. Update: At the doctor's appointment on 4/10/15, you were 22 lbs, 4oz and 31 inches long!

You have a few 6-12 Month onesies, but you are in mostly in 12 Month, and 12-18 Month clothes. The 12 Month pants are getting a little short, so we probably have another month or so before we need the next size up. You wear size 3 shoes, and size 4 diapers.

Eating is not a problem for you! You eat well, and you eat often. You are complete off bottled, and using a Camelbak straw sippy cup just like your big sister. You get whole milk most of the time, but you do enjoy water too! You are willing to try most foods, which is nice :)

You have 6 teeth! 4 on top and 2 on bottom. We can see more coming, but we'll have to wait until they pop out. You tend to get them 2 or 3 at a time. You can get really cranky, but I don't blame you considering how many want to come out.

As of February 12th, you are walking! Well, let me rephrase this. You took your first steps on February 12th. You then waited 10 days to do it again. Nothing we did or bribed you with would convince you to do it again. Once you walked that second day, you have not looked back! You are still working on going from sitting to standing. It will happen soon enough!

Sleep is great! You teeter between taking a morning nap, and skipping it. Luckily for me, you will take a really good nap in the afternoon no matter what! You may not be sleeping the whole time, but you will lay quietly in your crib for about 2 hours everyday. You usually have to take a morning nap only on Tuesday because of the time we have to pick up sister from preschool. Most of the time, you roll with the punches, and I thank you for that! You are usually in bed by 8:30, and you sleep until 7:15-7:30 a.m.

You finally like playing with toys. I was starting to wonder if you ever would ;) Reading is still not a real favorite, but you will tolerate it every so often. You are pointing and grunting, but not many "words" as of yet. You can play independently in the church nursery sometimes, but you seem to really like your buddies Harrison and Brock. In fact, one day you noticed Harrison was crying a lot, and you apparently kept checking on him and bringing him toys to calm him. I can already see that you have a tender heart, my boy! You can go from happy go lucky to cranky old man really fast. Sometimes you yell as loud as you can just because. You're not as calm and go-with-the-flow like before, but you are still a joy. You love to crinkle your nose when you smile, and you have this really cute look when you want us to not be mad at you. We are really enjoying your personality as it shines through.

Some of your favorite things include: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, music, dancing (or shaking your butt), balls, chasing sister, fish, sliding, anything Mickey Mouse, food, Goldfish crackers, anything red colored, spinning in circles in your stroller, and being with your mama and daddy.

The day of Jillian's birthday, (11 days after your birthday), you woke up not feeling great. That turned into two days of high fevers and uncomfortable feelings, then into a hospitalization. You had what is known as an intussusception. We were fortunate enough that it did not require emergency surgery to correct. It was quite an experience, and we are just glad you are all better! Your mama documented the stay here, here, and here. You also started the "digging in the trash can" phase. You found a discarded razor blade in one of your excursions and ended up cutting the tips of several fingers. There was blood everywhere, and your mama was panicking! The bleeding did finally slow down, and an Oreo cookie helped calm you, (and mama!).

We celebrated Christmas with Jemma, Gee-Chaz, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Julia all staying at our house. It was a little crowded, but so much fun! You loved all the extra attention :) We celebrated Valentine's Day in a very low key way. Our family has bad luck with having really special plans for Valentine's Day, but we find a way to make everyone feel loved. Also, Jillian moved out of your shared room at the first of 2015, so you now have your own room! We had a few snow days, and even made snow ice cream! You liked it ok, but you don't seem to be a big fan of cold desserts. Actually, you prefer fresh fruits to any dessert I've offered you! Everyone in the house had a cold around New Year's Eve. Luckily, it was pretty mild so we got over it quickly.

David, I can see why I was warned that time would go faster since you are the second baby in the family. Ever since your birthday, time just will not slow down! Now that you're walking, I know I'll never catch up with you and your sister. Your smile just makes my heart so happy, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us :) Happy 15 Months, Davey Boy!

Now some comparisons:

{Left: Jillian 3/2013 Right: David 3/2015}

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