Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Highlights

March was pretty hectic for us with a trip to Wisconsin, as well as my birthday! Here are some of the highlights from our month:

{Davey putting on my Razorback hat :)}

{Blurry, but these two crack me up!}

{This is something I'd like to do in our living room eventually. If only we could figure out how...}

{A new puzzle at Grandma and Papa's house? Jillian was in heaven :)}

{I'd say Davey enjoyed his cupcake at church}

{Waiting to get the car serviced/oil changed before we head to Wisconsin for Spring Break!}

{Blooms on our tree in the backyard. Springtime is here :)}

{We went to a restaurant in the Wisconsin Dells that has only Mac and Cheese dishes. Very rich, but so delicious! Mine was Memphis style BBQ. Yum!}

{Relaxing at home while waiting for our first round of severe weather later in the evening}

{Here comes the storms...}

{It always makes me nervous when a helicopter flies over our house!}

{I love that I have a radar app that I can add addresses to. Thankful, Phil's folks were fine}

{A map of tornado tracks in just a certain county nearby. Notice the storm this month is going the opposite directions of all the other tracks! Yeesh}

{Starting my 29th year of life still fight a head cold. I'm trying just about everything to get rid of it!}

{Got a pedicure with my MIL for my birthday!}

{This is my gift from my brother and soon-to-be SIL! I can't wait to pick a recipe and try it out!}

{Jillian head-butted me so hard that I bit my tongue. This felt as good as it looks}

{Working on a cross-stitch project}

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