Friday, February 12, 2016

BB-3 Week 15 Update

This week was better, but busy! I had lots to do, but everything got done, and everyone stayed alive. {Trust me, that was a challenge this week :-/} I would say this pregnancy is flying by, but it seems like the days are slow, but the weeks are fast. It's hard to imagine in about a month I'll be halfway there! Considering I figured out I was pregnant at 3 weeks and 6 days, it feels like I've been pregnant forever!

Today's date: February 12, 2016

How far along: 15 Weeks 

Total weight gain: I lost a little this week, so I'm at 2.5 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I figure, as long as I'm eating as best I can, and taking my prenatal vitamins, I should be ok!

Size and growth of baby: BB-3 is the size of an naval orange, or a multi-tool! Legs are longer than the arms as baby continues to grow. They are wiggling around with functioning joints, and swallowing amniotic fluid! {via}

Baby is a: baby! In less than 2 weeks, I should be able to make the appointment :D

Maternity clothing: I wear maternity pants consistently, but shirts are still a mix of maternity and regular.

Sleep: Better this week. I slept really hard the last two nights. I wish I could nap in the afternoons because I'm still pretty fatigued, but having two little ones is not conducive to that. Oh well!

Movement: I feel something every so often, but it's not everyday. I do get worried at times, but only because David was more active at this point. Maybe this is our mellow child! *crosses fingers*

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings are Taco Bell (cheesy gordita crunch), lime anything, Mexican food, fresh fruit, spicy food, Coke Icee, and salad. I also eat the same breakfast about every morning: hot chocolate, a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles or maple and brown sugar oatmeal, and a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Aversions are: the smell of cooking meats (especially fish), pork (including bacon), mushrooms, anything overly sweet, peanut butter, greasy food, and anything that just happens to sound awful at the time.

Morning Sickness: I had a few days where I didn't feel "sick" per say, but I definitely felt off. I'm over it now :)

Symptoms: Sore/heavy boobs, lots of stretching and sensations as my uterus grows, thirsty, round ligament pain (especially when I sneeze), a little heartburn, a little nausea, peeing a fair amount, headaches, and feeling really tired.

Labor Signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

How this pregnancy is different than the first two: I was still really sick, and also lost more weight with Jillian and David. I feel like I'm way more tired. My cravings and aversions are a weird mixture from both of my previous pregnancies.  

The best moment of this past week: Getting through another week! (It was a dozy!)

What I miss: Nothing at all!

I'm looking forward to: My next appointment, scheduling the big ultrasound soon, starting workouts again, seeing my folks again someday, and my brother's wedding in April!

Bump Comparison:
{Left: Jillian 2011 Middle: David 2013 Right: BB-3 2016}

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