Monday, February 29, 2016

February Highlights

Another quiet month simply because we had so many illnesses going around. They kids even passed a stomach bug to each other that luckily missed the adults. However, colds came back with a vengeance, and no soul, (besides the dog), was spared! Here are the few highlights of our month.

{Sickies selfie. This was the stomach bug phase :(}
{We bought the movie "Dumbo," and Jillian and Davey both really like it}

{I don't even know how he did this! LOL}

{Poor Olive! She was needing some stimulation since we were stuck indoors for weeks this winter :(}
{I will say this: we adopted her because we figured she'd be a good match for our family. Little did we know, she is the perfect dog for us. She is so good with the kids, and I can't believe she's as laid back with them as she is. She gets some really strong hugs, sometimes some swipes from David, and didn't even snap or growl at David when he took food from her dish, (while she was eating), to try it for himself. She's the best, and we're so glad she's a member of our family!}

{My little artist! She loves to paint, and she worked hard to have good reports the entire week at preschool!}

{Jillian had a great Valentine's Day party at school, then rocked her 4 year well check that required 4 shots in her leg. She was really sore the next day, but now she doesn't need any shots, (minus her annual flu shot), until she's 11 years old!}

{I got all the ingredients together to try a new pregnancy friendly smoothie. Just when I went to hit the button, the power went out. It was only out for about 3 hours, but I was still annoyed!}

{David's pencil stab wound}
{He had a mechanical pencil from my ken ken puzzle book in his hand. He pretended to fall on my bed while holding it. As I started to ask for the pencil if he was going to do that, he did it a second time, and, you guessed it, he stabbed himself with it. Now he is not allowed to hold a pencil in his hand until I feel he's ready!}

{Helicopter looking at the wildfire across the street from our neighborhood. Lots of fires going on because it's pretty dry around here! This is the closest I've ever been to a wildfire, but I wasn't worried about it coming to our neighborhood}

{The preschool at church was going to toss this, so we were offered this slide. The kids don't play on it much, but I'm sure if we gave it away, they'd ask for it!}

{This is not David's first offense. I'm sure it won't be his last either}

{The kiddos certainly love their daddy :) <3}

{This was Phil's selfie to prove he wasn't mugged in the parking lot of the grocery store! HAHA So thankful for a husband who puts up with my crazy, pregnant or not ;)}

{This is our family according to Jillian. Originally she had Daddy, herself, Olive, and the baby, (you know, outside of my tummy). When I asked where David and I were, she responded with, "Oh! I forgot Davey!" Thanks darling daughter. She did add me too. It's nice to know she loves the baby so much that she already sees them as a separate person from mommy}

{Good report at preschool, so another lemonade treat!}

{I tried a new kind of grapefruit from the health food store. It was slightly sweeter, and really delicious. Glad I bought two!}

{Went to the zoo with friends, and had a nice time! I was worried it might be too cold, but the weather turned out perfect!}

{Lots of cold symptoms that would just not let up for me. I tried Breathe Right strips for the first time. It helped a little, but I wasn't super impressed. If nothing else, I think it saved Phil from my snoring for awhile ;)}

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