Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day was not very exciting for me. I wanted a little alone time to crochet, and instead of going to a movie by myself, the weather was supposed to turn severe. I ended up just staying home. My heart was heavy, and I was feeling a little guilty, but I was able to have a few moments where I really thought about the mothers in my life. Those that raised me, those that saw me through various points in my life, and those that are a constant force of Godly guidance. I was thankful for every one of them, and so very thankful for those little ones who call me "mom" as well. This season of mothering is hard, but I know it'll be a point that I'll miss some day. A few hugs is all I need to be reminded that I'm doing my best :)

Here are the few pictures I took for Mother's Day 2016:
{My sweet ones}

{If this doesn't describe the current season we're in, I'm not sure what would!}

{Jillian sprawled out on the floor in the back of the sanctuary with the flower she was supposed to give to me. She decided it must be for her, and only gave it to me when...}

{the stem broke... twice. Happy Mother's Day to me! LOL}

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