Friday, July 1, 2016

BB-3 Week 35 Update

{Excuse the hair - I just took a bath before the picture}

I had an interesting week. First of all, I had some cramping Wednesday afternoon that made Phil really nervous. Ok, I was a little nervous too, but I just wanted the pain to go away more than anything. It did finally subside, but now Phil's slightly panicked that BB-3 is coming at any moment. It's technically true, but I think we have a little more time. I guess we'll see when BB-3 wants to have their birthday!
Secondly, we have hired an old high school friend of mine to take pictures when the kids get to meet for the first time! She does birth photography, but I doubt she'd make it in time if I'm not induced. Plus, the kids meeting is something I really want good pictures of while being able to be in the moment myself. I'm so excited!
Finally, I did find out that my OBGYN is leaving in November. Not just leaving the hospital, but like, moving out of the state. I'm incredibly sad about this! Plus, I've already switched doctors once! So now I have a decision to make. Luckily, I do have some time, but I want to have an idea before BB-3's 6 week postpartum appointment. Hopefully, with God's help, I can make a good decision :)

Today's date: July 1, 2016

How far along: 35 Weeks

Total weight gain: 34 pounds

Size and growth of baby: BB-3 is the size of a honeydew melon, or two clafoutis (which sounds really yummy right now)! They are around 5-1/4 pounds, and over 18 inches long. BB-3 is running out of room in there, but still moves around (minus the somersaults) They are just about done with developing as they focuses on gaining weight {via and via}

Baby is a: baby!

Maternity clothing: All clothing, except a few XXL shirts, my sweatpants {that I only wear them at home}, and cardigans, are maternity. Even then, I'm at the point where maternity shirts are getting too short. Even my maternity dresses are capri length instead of floor length. So I wear as little at home as possible. Getting dressed has become a chore, and I'm just over my wardrobe. Ah, the end of pregnancy ;)

Sleep: Sleep is ok. I either sleep well, or I don't feel rested. There is no inbetween. Plus, I have to switch positions at least twice, plus a bathroom break at least once. I feel like I need a crane to help me roll over. Plus, I worry about waking Phil, (which he's fine and rarely notices.) Yesterday, I woke up and my whole body hurt from sleeping so hard. I'm just thankful I can sleep! No pregnancy insomnia yet!

Movement: BB-3 squirms and rolls enough that I know they are ok. Some of the kick counts are taking longer, but it's silly for me to worry because it's going from 5-8 minutes on average to 10-12 minutes maximum. It's very much 10 movements in an hour, so I just need to chill!

Cravings/Aversions: I craved fruit, cheesecake, Twizzlers, fruit, strawberry shortcake, chewy caramels, key lime cheesecake, fruit, kiwi strawberry flavored Snapple, {did I mention fruit?}, and Cheesy Gordita Crunches. I'm not kidding about the fruit. We've actually had some go bad at home because I will impulse buy all.the.fruits. when I go grocery shopping. I usually come home with a mango, a few peaches, a few nectarines, 2 plums, bananas for the neighborhood, maybe an apple or two, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, grapes, and either blueberries or watermelon. This is not an exaggeration! Aversions are still raw meat, pork, rice, peanut butter, curry, coconut milk, and mushrooms.

Morning Sickness: I'm starting to feel a little nausea every day. Sometimes it's just before bed, while other days it's off and on. It's never so bad that I don't eat or anything. Plus, I still haven't lost any food to vomitting, so let's hope it stays that way! When it happens at bedtime, I can usually just sleep it off.

Symptoms: Lots of heartburn lately, {sometimes it's after I eat chocolate, which is CRUEL to do to a pregnant lady!!}, painful movements, Braxton Hicks and false labor contractions/cramps, GI issues, very much emotional mess and cranky, out of breath, big baby bump, itchy belly, gassy, wanting to nest yet can't, very light swelling, tired, sensitive nasal cavity, sensitive gums, can't see my feet anymore, can't shower due to exhaustion, {don't worry, I take baths instead}, and overwhelming feeling of being done and ready to meet BB-3!

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks every single day, and I had some cramping the last two days. There was enough on Wednesday that Phil asked me to call the doctor, and they said to come be seen if it got more painful. It didn't, and I was pretty sure it was false labor anyways. I'll be interested to see if I'm dilated or effaced at all when I have my first internal exam on Wednesday!

Belly button in or out: In

How this pregnancy is different than the first two: At this point, things are pretty similar with a few exceptions. 1) Even with my nausea picking back up, I'm not taking Zofran, nor am I taking Metformin, 2) I have a weird mix of symptoms and cravings from both pregnancies that I can compare this pregnancy to, 3) I am having painful BH contractions much earlier than with either pregnancy. 4) More heartburn with no real rhyme or reason behind it, {like I said: spicy is ok, but chocolate is not}. 5) Being monitored for protein in my urine, and having high(er) blood pressure is not something I had to worry about with Jillian or David, and 6) I have gained more weight faster than with either previous pregnancy. 

The best moment of this past week: Having a playdate at the science museum, {even though we were chasing littles like no one's business}, and surviving the week/not having an early birth!

What I miss: Being able to bend forward/move in bed/chase after my kids without having to physically regret it later

I'm looking forward to: The weekend to be over, and BB-3's arrival!

Bump Comparison:
{Left: Jillian 2011 Middle: David 2013 Right: BB-3 2016}
{I mentioned this in David's 35 Week Update, but this was my favorite bump picture with Jillian!}

BB-3 Bump Comparison:

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