Friday, July 15, 2016

BB-3 Week 37 Update

Another interesting week around these parts.

I had my normal weekly check up on Wednesday, but it took a quick turn I wasn't expecting. My BP was high, so Dr. P re-checked it when she came in. {She's never personally checked my BP before, so I knew something was off} It read 150/100, which is the highest it's ever been in my life! So she checked BB-3's heart rate, (perfect 140s), and asked that I be monitored downstairs in the hospital to see if my BP would go down. It never went under the 130s, so I was given another 24 hour urine jug, and told to do a repeat NST the next day, (yesterday). Yesterday, it took over an hour to get in a room, and my BP was better than the previous day. No extra instructions or appointments, so I guess we'll just see what happens on Wednesday when I go back. No protein in my urine sample that morning, but I don't know about the 24 hour sample yet. I felt completely fine until I was told just how high my BP was on Wednesday. After that, I got nauseous and tingly, but that was more nerves than anything.

I've been going over what I would be most worried about so that, if this does happen again, I can articulate exactly what's making me anxious. Thankfully, Phil's work week was flexible enough that he could be with the kids both times. We were about ready to call on our village to help, but things didn't get that far.

So now we're interested to see if we make it to my induction date or not. It's such a strange thing for me to go through because my BP was textbook the whole time with Jillian and David. I don't know if it's because it's the summer, my third baby, or the fact that I'm older, but this has really been my most eventful pregnancy. Hopefully that means delivery will be nice and smooth? One can only hope :)

Today's date: July 15, 2016

How far along: 37 Weeks

Total weight gain: 40 pounds

Size and growth of baby: BB-3 is the size of a winter melon, a tackle box, or a tray of madeleine cookies! They are about 6-1/3 pounds, and 19 inches long, (though I'm wondering if this will be our longest baby considering where most of the movements have been). They are considered early term now that full term has been moved to 39 weeks. BB-3 could be born any day now, but could use some more cooking time. They are continuing to practice swallowing, breathing, blinking, and gaining weight for their big arrival! {via and via}

Baby is a: baby!

Maternity clothing: Everything that's not an oversized shirt or my sweat pants is maternity, and barely fitting.

Sleep: Sleep is ok. I still can't fall asleep until close to midnight, and wake up twice to move. I don't always have to pee in the middle of the night either. Moving positions, and getting out of bed is a long, painful ordeal. 

Movement: Mostly rolls with a few punches here and there. Gets kick counts just fine.

Cravings/Aversions: Same cravings and aversions as before. Nothing new here!

Morning Sickness: I feel a little queasy every morning, but it usually subsides by 1pm or so. Otherwise, I'm feeling ok.

Symptoms: Obvious baby bump, heartburn, sensitive gums, sore nipples, emotional, itchy belly, stretch marks, cramps, nesting, gas, painful movement, out of breath feeling, BP issues, light contractions, and tired.

Labor Signs: I didn't get checked this week due to my blood pressure, so I'm not sure if I'm more dilated or effaced than last week. I guess we'll see what Wednesday will tell us. Also, Group B Strep was negative, so one less thing to worry about! Cramping and BH every day, but nothing I can't get through. Lots of practicing going on here.

Belly button in or out: In

How this pregnancy is different than the first two: Fairly similar minus the blood pressure stuff. Ready to hold BB-3 when they're ready to get here!

The best moment of this past week: Hearing that I'm doing ok for now, knowing BB-3 looks great despite my body being weird, and having Phil come home at decent times all week!

What I miss: Nothing at all :)

I'm looking forward to: Finishing last minute baby prep stuff, and meeting BB-3!
{Jillian's Week 37 Update}
{David's Week 37 Update}

Bump Comparison:
{Left: Jillian 2011 Middle: David 2013 Right: BB-3 2016}

BB-3 Bump Comparison:

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  1. Hoping BB-3 can make it a few more weeks, but if they came now it would probably be ok. 37.2 is when Esme came!


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