Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Highlights

July was the last full month before BB-3's due date! We didn't have many activities, but a lot of life was lived.

Here are some of the highlights:
{Phil had a quick trip to Atlanta, so I was a single parent for about 48 hours. I thought it'd be fun to let the kids finger paint in the bathtub...}

{The excitement lasted about 10 minutes. At least it gave them something to do!}
{The main goal was for the kids to stay alive and healthy, and for me to not go into labor. I can say that we were successful on all counts ;)}

{The kids keep trying to take over my Snoogle. I went to pee, and came back to this!}

{This is Jillian's drawing of the Stay Puft man from the original Ghostbusters movie}

{I wanted a special mommy date with both kiddos before BB-3's arrival. I took Jillian to see Finding Dory. She did well, and I think she enjoyed the movie too!}

{She was very excited ;)}

{While waiting for Phil to get some dog food, I noticed the car in the parking spot in front of the van had eyelashes. Why is this a thing?!}

{My curly-headed boy :)}

{Last time cantoring before taking a break for BB-3's arrival. I agree, I DO deserve a donut ;)}

{He fell asleep on me. I don't know how many times this will happen, so I'm soaking it in now!}

{I went for my normal check up, and my BP was 150/100! I felt fine, but obviously something was off}
{I was monitored and my BP got lower, but not to normal range. I was asked to do another 24-hour urine sample, and come back for an NST the next day}

{NST went well, and I had no special instructions when I left. I guess I was just having a rough day before? BB-3 looked great both times, so it was just me}

{Look at those legs! It makes him look more like a boy than my little guy}

{Playing with chalk while daddy cleans out the van. This looks like a rap album cover! LOL}

{I outlined David and Jillian. They decided to use leaves as their shoes. For whatever reason, David put some leaves in a very strategic place! HAHAHA}

{Mother-Son date at the ice cream store! Being so pregnant, I knew I couldn't take him to the park on my own. We did have a good time though}


{Lots of accidental couch naps this month. He looked so peaceful :)}
{Unfortunately, he wakes up pretty cranky when he takes an afternoon nap. That's a shame!}

{Taking over my side of the bed. When I asked if he was asleep, he did this, then jumped up and said "Good as new!"}

{He asked Jillian if he could eat her leftover ketchup. His Uncle Mike C. would be proud!}

{Jillian participated in VBS at a former church of mine. She had a great time!}

{I really wanted some Strawberry Diner Pie from Pie Junkie, and my amazing husband made sure I got it. He's so good to me :)}

{I was so proud of myself for making a decent lunch for myself, then I went and burned my thumb :(}

{Davey fell asleep again, but this time on his back!}

{Yoga boy}

{Before I could even ask, Jillian tried to tell me David did this. When I told her that wasn't possible, she said it must have been a ghost. I think we need a break from the Ghostbusters movie if that's her new go-to excuse!}

{Our little builder}
{Notice the TU? She did that with our fridge magnets all by herself. College foreshadowing perhaps?}

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