Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How I Prepare for Baby: {Stockpile aka Babygeddon}

Phil teases me so much about our baby stockpile that I do. In my defense, the first time I did it, I was having a baby in mid-December. I had to prepare for, not only having a baby, put the possibility that we would be snowed/iced in the house with or without power. He started calling the preparation plans "Babygeddon" which has now stuck. So every time we discuss getting prepared, he brings up Babygeddon.

Now that we're one Babygeddon #3, I feel like I've really gotten a good idea of what does and doesn't work for our family. Plus, this time has been different because we're not doing it during the winter. I didn't feel like I needed certain items this time around. I will list what I would have added if this were another winter baby.

Another thing that makes this time different is the fact that I am not freezing any meals ahead. This is happening for 2 main reasons: 1) We had a sweet lady at church coordinate people dropping off dinners for us. I'm not sure if that'll happen again, but we're prepared if it does. 2) We simply don't have room in the freezer. I'd LOVE to have a large chest freezer, but we just don't have room or money for that. I'm tried rearranging the freezer several times, and I just simply can't fit anything else in there. Plus, my mom will be here for about a week after BB-3 is born, so we can always work together and make a few freezer meals if need be. I have some meals picked out if that's the case.

If you start early enough, you can usually catch sales and coupons. I usually start purchasing non-food items after I've hit the second trimester. Once I'm in the third trimester, I pick a handful of things from the food items list to add to each grocery trip. I usually end up having a bigger trip to finish the list around 32 weeks or so, but then our stockpile will be complete. Also, I try to buy the biggest size possible for non-food items just so we don't have to worry about running out too fast. This way, we get between 4-6 weeks without having to run out for things aside from maybe diapers or to-go dinners :)

Without further ado, my Stockpile List (AKA Babygeddon List)

Non-Food Items:
_Laundry Soap (2 Bottles)
_Dryer Sheets (1)
_Hand Soap Refill Bottles (2)
_Hand Sanitizer (2)
_Kitchen Trash Bags (1)
_Large Trash Bags (1)
_Plastic Utensils (1)
_Paper Plates (100 Count)
_Paper Bowls (100 Count)
_Napkins (500 Count)
_Paper Towels (1)
_Toilet Paper (1)
_Tissues (2)
_Indoor Light Bulbs (1)
_Outdoor Light Bulbs (1)
_Batteries (1 of each size you need)

Food Items:
_Cereal (4)
_Dryer Sheets (1)
_Spaghetti Noodles (2)
_Box of Tomato Sauce (2)
_Tomato Puree Can (2)
_Microwave Popcorn (2)
_Fruit Snacks (4)
_Graham Crackers (2)
_Goldfish Crackers (4)
_Saltine Crackers (2)
_Ritz Crackers (2)
_Plain Oatmeal (2)
_Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal (2)
_Instant Grits (1)
_Quick Oats (1)
_Cookies (4)
_Chips (6)
_12 pack of Soda (8)
_Pack of Bottled Water (1)
_Gallon Water Jugs (1)
_Frozen Vegetables (4)
_Canned Vegetables (6 - we do 2 Corn, 2 Green Bean, and 2 Sweet Pea)
_Frozen Fruits (2)
_Canned Fruit (4 - we do 2 Peach and 2 Pineapple)
_Pickles (2)
_Peanut Butter (1)
_Jelly (1)
_Ketchup (1)
_Mustard (1)
_Soy Sauce (1)
_Mayo (1)
_Worchestershire Sauce (1)
_Hot Sauce (1)
_Coffee Beans (3)
_Tea Bags (2)
_Hot Chocolate (2)
_Bags of Rice (2)
_Couscous (1)
_Instant Mashed Potatoes (1)
_Mac n Cheese Box (6)
_Canned Soup (4 - we do 2 Tomato, and 2 Chicken Noodle)
_Low Sodium Chicken Stock Boxes (2)
_Canned Chicken (4)
_Tuna (2)
_1 lb Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (2)
_1 lb High Quality Ground Beef (2)
_1 lb Ground Turkey (2)
_Pork Tenderloin (1)
_Pork Chops (1)
_Bacon (2)
_Hot Dogs (2 - we get Turkey Hot Dogs)
_Frozen Waffles (2)
_Chicken Nuggets (1)
_Orange Sherbert (1)
_Ice Cream Cones (1)

Food Items Once Baby is Here:
_Deli Meat (2 - we do 1 Ham, and 1 Turkey)
_Sliced Cheese (3)
_Cheese Block (1)
_Bread (2)
_Milk (2)
_Almond Milk (2)
_Coffee Creamer (2)

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