Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lottie: {Five Months}

Lottie –

You are five months old today! It's also a special day because you were baptized at church this morning :)

According to our measurements at home, you are 14 lbs, 5 oz and 25 inches long.

3-6 Month and 6 Month clothes are what you are wearing these days. You wear size 2 diapers, and no shoes just yet.

You are eating an average of 32 oz of formula a day, and you get 5-6 feedings a day total. You drink Similac Supplement formula, with a little mix of Similac AR to help with spit up. We do a mixture of the two formulas to make sure it helps with your spit up, but also keeps you from getting backed up in the other department. We have yet to start solid foods yet, but I have a feeling that will be happening this month!

A bad cold swept over our family this month. First, big sister got it, then you and brother got it at the same time. Though you escaped without a fever, you had a terrible cough that made you horse. You're on the side of healing, but it will probably take another week before you're back to normal again. You slept ok during the cold. You'd wake up once, maybe twice, because of coughing or congestion. You do NOT like getting your nose wiped or suctioned in any degree. Sorry baby girl, it's what we have to do to help you! We'd steam you every so often, and that helped too. Your horse cries were the saddest things I've ever heard :(

When you are healthy, you sleep for about 9-1/2 to 10-1/2 hours every night. You nap off and on with no real "schedule" to naps, but that seems to work for you. If you do nap, you usually sleep for about 45 minutes or so. You can nap even with lots of noise, and you like the fastest swing setting accompanied by lullaby music! You still like to sleep with your face mostly covered.

You still like bath time just fine. You got some new bath toys from Santa, so hopefully you'll love playing with those!

No teeth yet, but lots of chewing and drooling going on!

You don't always chat us up, but when you do, you have lots to say! Overall, you have a calm demeanor. You only seem to be upset when you're hungry, tired, or not feeling well. Otherwise, you smiley, and love watching other people.

You love sitting up like a big girl, and playing in your jumperoo. You like the floor playmat in small quantities. You only like to be held like a baby if you are eating or going to sleep. You don't laugh out loud much or for long before hiccups start. However, when you do laugh, it's sweet :)

Your hair on top of your head is coming in very light! You still have some newborn hair on the back of your head that's more brown. Your eyes are grayish, so we'll be interested to see what color these will be!

We celebrated Christmas this month! You did well at Christmas Eve service, and almost slept through Santa gifts before church on Christmas Day! HAHA You were clearly uninterested in what was happening, but we had a great day with just the 5 of us. Your Jemma and Gee-Chaz came into town after for some holiday time as well as your baptism. Even though you were not feeling well by the time they got here, you gave them lots of smiles and sweet faces :) You seem to recognize them thanks to our weekly Skype dates!

Some nicknames you've accumulated are: Lottie Dottie, Sugie, Sugar, Lottie Pop, Baby Lottie, and Lemmy, (because you're Lottie Eliza May), and Latte.

Lottie, we are beyond grateful to have you in our family. You are so sweet and loving, and we can't wait to watch you grow even more over the coming months, and years! We love you more than we can say!

And now a few outtakes:
{That's a nice face, Lottie girl!}

{Much better :)}

{Oh hello!}

{What's that you say?}

{I like talking to you too, Bear!}

{How about a nice kiss!}

{Did you hear what the Bear said to me?!}

{And now we'll just chew on the Bear's legs ;)}

{The Three Amigos}

{Sister Sister}

And a few comparisons :)
{Months 1-3}
{Months 4 & 5}

{Left: Jillian 5/2012 Middle: David 5/2014 Right: Lottie 1/2017}

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