Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lottie: {Twelve Months}

Lottie –

You are twelve months old! It's official, you are now a whole year old. I now have to refer to you in years instead of months! 

According to our at home measurements, you are 21 lbs, 7 oz and 29-1/2 inches long. You'll have a appointment at the end of the month, so I'll do your official stats then.

12 Month, and a few 12-18/18 Month clothes are what you are wearing. There are a few 9 Month outfits that could still fit, but we'd really be pushing it. You wear size 4 diapers, as well as special overnight diapers to keep you from having leaks at night. You can wear size 2 or 3 shoes, but you don't really like anything on your feet.

You are eating 5 sippy cups of whole milk, and snack about 3 times a day. Like your siblings before you, you don't like to eat a whole meal. The main preference is to snack as you please. You drink whole milk in your sippy cups, but will only drink water in a bottle. The milk does have you pretty backed up, so we're trying our best to keep you comfortable. Hopefully it'll resolve soon! You will eat baby food sometimes, but you do like some table foods. Your main favorites are: Cheerios, puffs, noodles, bread, donut holes, ham or turkey deli meat, shredded cheese, and chicken. You tried some yogurt, but haven't quite decided if you like it yet. You'll get to try cake and frosting for the first time tonight, and I'm certain you'll at least like the cake :)

You sleep from about 8:30 pm to 7 or 7:30 am. You take 1 nap during the day, abut the time, and length, are always changing. We decided that you sleeping through the night is more important to us. You sleep in your swing best, but your new sister will need it soon. We've tried getting you to nap in your bed, but you don't sleep very long. We may just have to deal with it anyways. You are a big tummy sleeper. Also, you cry out in your sleep overnight, and sometimes during naps, but you're not fully awake. We usually don't even need to do anything. I'm very curious why that is, but it doesn't seem to bother you much.

Bath is good with you. You don't love it, but you definitely don't hate it. You like certain bath toys, and really love using your inflatable ducky tub. However, once bath is over, you expect us to get you dressed, and deliver your milk ASAP. If we're too slow, you let us know!

You now have six teeth! The bottom and top two are out and about, and the top and bottom on your right side are as well. It seems like you're working on the left side, but we haven't felt anything lately. Sleep was a little rough, and you were a little fussy, but nothing major. However, those molars may be an issue with you. You drool a LOT when you're cutting teeth, but we certainly don't mind ;) Still no pacifier for you, and chewing/putting whatever you can find in your mouth is still a daily thing.

You are one active lady! Climbing, sliding, cruising, rolling... you name it, you can do it! You walk stiff-legged, i.e. no bending of your knees, but you don't seem interested in doing more than cruising. You love being held and carried, so you may still not walk until closer to 15 months. Whenever you're ready, sweet thang! You want to be everywhere, and get frustrated easily if you can't get there on your own. However, you don't try super hard, as if you are waiting for someone to help you. We get it! You probably just assume someone will come help the cute baby, right? HAHAHA You can clap flat handed, and wave.

Overall, you have been a wonderful baby! You don't cry all that often, you smile, you are friendly, and you are a sweet snuggler! You are pretty easy-going with whatever our schedule looks like. We just always have to bring a drink, a snack, diapers, and a change of clothes ;) We love to joke that you don't blink all that often, but that just means you'll be good at staring contests! You like your older siblings, but they either ignore you or bombard you with attention. The best is having all three of you blowing raspberries and giggling together :) You like to be tickled, and enjoy dancing to music. You finally said "mama" this month, and "dada" is the only other audible word you say. However, you babble quite a bit, and can be talkative if you choose. We're not terribly worried about your speech just yet.

We didn't really celebrate the 4th of July since mama is so pregnant. However, you are going to be a big sister in just 2 days! I hope you know that we cherished every single milestone with you, even with the anticipation of a new baby so soon after your arrival. It's been a blast experiencing everything first again through your eyes!

Things you love: being tickled, food (especially milk; you cry when your cup is empty), watching brother make silly faces, chewing on everything, getting attention, crawling, exploring the living room, "petting" Olive, blankets on your face, being with people (especially mommy and daddy), your sound machine giraffe, your special song mommy sings with your name, and being held. You don't enjoy: being hungry, being tired, being in a chair or swing when you want to be held instead, and loud barking.

Lottie Liza May, you have my whole heart! This has quite honestly been the fastest year of my entire life. In just a few days, you'll be a big sister, and I don't know how either of us will handle that transition. However, I know you, and I know you will be just as happy, sunshine-y, and sweet as you have been from the moment I first held you. I'm so very honored to be your mother, and I want you to remember how special you truly are to your daddy and me. Happy 1st birthday, to my beautiful Vanilla Bean Latte.

And now a few outtakes:
{Loving our new Daniel Tiger doll!}

{Can we have that so we can see your sticker, girlfriend?}

{#tfw you're excited and frustrated}

{Teasing with Daniel to get a smile}

{And we're done...}

{Sweet girl and her pink bear <3}

{Looks like she's trying to make her bear wave HAHA}

{Spooky stories, or trying to fly away?}

And a few comparisons :)
{Months 1-3}
{Months 4-6}
{Months 7-9}
{Months 10-12}

And just for fun:
{Months 1, 6, and 12}

{Left: Jillian 12/2012 Middle: David 12/2014 Right: Lottie 8/2017}

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