Saturday, June 1, 2013


{Did you start singing the Beyonce song? No? Just me? Ok ;)}

Seeing the sun shine today is the most uplifting thing I've seen in awhile. I can't tell you how stressed I've been with all this weather.

We've been lucky. The most damage we've received is a weak spot in our fence and power flickers. We are also lucky to have good friends who allowed us to come over for dinner and a tornado party last night since they have a shelter.

When this type of weather happens, it really makes you focus on what is important in your life. It also shows you what is truly irreplaceable to you. It's like the whole "your house is on fire, what two items do you grab?" kind of situation. If I'm being completely honest, only Phil and Jillian are irreplaceable to me. However, there are a few things I wanted to save if I could.

Last weekend, when we escaped to Tulsa, Phil and I were packing up what we needed. Then we packed what we deemed to be irreplaceable. It wasn't a lot per say, but it was an extra bag for Jillian's books and stuffed animals. It was my laptop and Phil's PhD diploma. It was a small box full of jewelry and Jillian's hospital hat. Though hard, we did a good job packing fairly light. Many things can be replaced.

Then last night happened. When we were packing up Jillian's diaper bag, I told Phil we needed the condensed condensed version of our items. Knowing he'd want his diploma, I told him everything else would need to fit in her diaper bag. Since we were guests, I didn't want to load up their shelter with our stuff.

The list is different for everyone, but this was ours:

My box of jewelry (Phil's and my class ring, special necklaces, bracelets, and charms given to me at various points in my life, and Jillian's hospital hat)
Jillian's Baby Book & 1st Year of Life Calendar (for milestones and her footprints at birth)
A copy of Phil's PhD Dissertation
Phil's Diploma
The External Hard Drive (it has all our family photos saved so we wouldn't take my laptop)
My medicine and prenatal vitamins
All keys
5 of Jillian's favorite books
3 of Jillian's favorite stuffed animals

All except for Phil's diploma and the hard drive fit into Jillian's diaper bag easily.

I know we are lucky, but even more blessed. My irreplaceables are alive and well, and my stuff is still scattered around my house. If I lost the house, it would be hard. I can't imagine doing it once, let alone more than that like some have had to. As long as my people are ok, then I know I'll be fine :)


  1. I am so so glad y'all are ok!! I can't even imagine what that's like having to decide on what to take. I'd end up rolling out all of our suitcases full! lol But again, all that matters is that y'all are safe!!

    1. Thanks so much friend! If and when we do finally get our own shelter, it's going to be hard NOT stuffing it full. HA


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