Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jillian: {18 Months}

Jillian –

You are 18 months old today! It’s hard to believe you’re just as close to your second birthday as you are to your first. According to the doctor, you are 21lbs, 8 oz and 31 inches long.

You wear 12 Month, and 12/18 Month clothes. You wear size 3 Luvs or Pampers Cruisers brand diapers for the daytime and Huggies Overnight for bed.

Eating is good. Some days you eat like a bird, and other times we can’t feed you enough! You have three square meals and one snack. You drink whole milk for breakfast, lunch, and right before bedtime. You have water with dinner and if you’re thirsty throughout the day. You use sippy cups with straws, but will drink from a regular cup if we help you.

You have 8 teeth, and are still working on your molars. Those things hurt and are taking quite a while!

You just have to move around! You run more than you walk right now, but you’ve had fewer injuries as of late. Climbing is starting to cross your mind though you haven’t done it much. You love waving hello to everyone, and usually don’t mind being held by people. You are becoming shyer, even at church. I think you just like being with mama and daddy best :)

Sleep has been a bit challenging, but only because we are weaning you off your pacifier. We have you sleeping from 8 pm to 7 am without the pacifier with minimal crying. However, you are really fighting us on not having a pacifier for naptime. We haven’t tried too hard because of our trip to Chicago this past weekend, but we’re going to be revisiting this soon. You usually nap for 2 ½ to 3 hours in the late morning/early afternoon, and then you usually want to nap/have quiet time in your crib for another hour closer to dinnertime. Once we get a handle on this pacifier thing, I think sleep will still be a favorite pastime of yours.

You are turning into quite the chatterbox! You say several things clearly, and other things only your mama and daddy understand. You will do the correct beginning syllable, but won’t do the ending. It sounds like that is a typical thing for beginners, so we’re not worried. In fact, just in the last week you’ve gotten really chatty! You imitate our movements and the things we are saying. You mostly do it with your mama and daddy, but are too shy with others around. You come by it honestly, because your mama was the exact same way until junior high. Overall, you’re doing really well and we’re quite proud of you! You’ve come a long way baby :)

We went on a mini-family vacation over the weekend! We drove up to Kansas City, and then took the train to Chicago where we spent a few days with your Jemma and G-Chaz! We walked around town, went to a few baseball games, and had a great time. Overall, I think you enjoyed yourself, and traveling with you was relatively easy!

Jillian, you amaze me. To think of how far you have come from just 6 months ago is inspiring. You are so sweet, caring, and funny! My heart just bursts every time you smile. We love you baby girl! :)

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