Monday, November 18, 2013

Baby Watch 2013

Saturday night into early Sunday morning, I had my first round of false labor. Needless to say, it was quite frustrating. However, I got a good night's sleep last night, and our Bébé Deux To-Do list is officially done! Now we're on Baby Watch 2013 :)

For now, enjoy the random string of thoughts that I have in my head now...
We finally finished our big painting project! We wanted to paint the walls for the coffee & tea bar area, but that was going to be quite the undertaking. Since the main areas of our house in an open concept, we I had to pick a paint color that would go with every common room in the house. After finding the perfect color, we began to paint. It took quite awhile for a few reasons.
1) With paint being a bit expensive, we would buy a gallon of paint every Friday, and paint until the can was gone. We had to skip a weekend here or there for different reasons.
2) We had a few other painting projects we would do instead of the big one so we could get them out of the way.
3) We had a few areas that we had to problem solve. I'll explain with the pictures :)
4) I was not allowed to paint due to my "condition"

FYI, I mention the color we used here. {The color in the guest bathroom will have a link below.} For this and the bathroom paint, we ended up using flat enamel. I know certain rooms should have a certain sheen, but we personally like the look of flat enamel better.

I'm just going to add that I now officially despise textured walls. It soaked up more paint, and it was harder to use brushes/rollers without missing 209347128909759813465 spots. Luckily, I have a very patient, and persistent husband :)

I will show a picture of an area before, followed by a picture of the after.

We actually started off getting rid of the mustard colored wall as seen here. {I really hated that color!!}
Then, we made a big circle around the dining room, kitchen nook, kitchen, then we got to the living room.
{The Living Room Fireplace Before}

The color is not a big difference, (especially in person), but it has enough to make the room feel warmer thanks to the yellowish undertones in the paint color we picked. I pointed out in the after photo what the color was to compare. {And yes, the walls and ceiling are the same exact color. That's why we're anxious to paint the rest of the house within the next year!} Also, please ignore the bare walls. After taking everything down, I've changed my mind of what I want to hang. Now I have to figure that all out so I don't make any unnecessary holes in our pretty new walls :)
{The Living Room After}
{Like I said before, not a huge difference, but so much warmer :)}
{Oh hi Jillian!}

To finish the project, we did the hallway where the guest bathroom and other 2 bedrooms are.
{The Hallway Before}

{We ran into a pickle in this area. You see, the builders basically cut out a square for the entry way because there is a raised ceiling in the living room/kitchen/dining room, but not in the hallway/other rooms on that side. Because of this, we decided to go ahead and paint the ceiling in the hallway to match the walls so it would flow a bit better. We also bought a new light for the hallway for $10, and boy does it make a difference to us! I don't have a photo of the old fixture, but trust me when I tell you it probably cost $2}
{The Hallway After}
{Much better! With the hallway finished, we finally completed the giant task of painting the common areas of the house!}

Finally, we had the guest bathroom. It's hard to see, but the previous owners had some cheap decorations on the walls they stuck with sticky tack. That's right, the yellow sticky tack on the wall of every church Sunday school room in America. Even after trying to scrape it off, you could see where it had been. Needless to say, I was so happy when Phil offered to paint the bathroom before we finished our painting project.
{The Guest Bathroom Before}
{Not only was the sticky tack thing a mess, but the colors made you look really yellow if you looked in the bathroom mirror. I know my skin is pale, but it's not really yellow either!}

{The Guest Bathroom After}
{It was hard trying to edit the photo without altering the color of the paint. Trust me, it's pretty awesome :) It's called Rocky Mountain Sky by Behr from Home Depot, and it's just the best color IMHO! It also goes really well with the white/gray color scheme I kind have going on in there for now.}
Right now, I'm either not interested in food whatsoever, or I'm starving. It is really hard to know which I'll be. And when I say not interested, I mean I barely eat simply because I know I need to. At least I'm not stuffing my face constantly right?!
Now that we made our last grocery trip, we started to put our Baby Apocalypse Now stock pile into our pantry. We couldn't fit the crackers, cereal, or chips in there, so we kept that and some of the paper goods in the guest room for now. I also have a large pile of paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soap refills in our closet, but I didn't bother taking a picture of that :)

{A nice full pantry! I had to separate what I need to make meals the next 2 weeks so it wouldn't get lost in the noise!}

{Our freezer. I've got all kinds of goodies in there! The shelf with the rolls is somewhat empty only because that's where our Thanksgiving turkey is going!}

{The stock pile leftovers in the guest room. The two bags on the left are actually things we need for Thanksgiving meal. And we have all that water in case of ice/snow :)}

And that my friends, is how I prepare for baby! Except for milk, we should be good for at least 3-5 weeks! With all the money we won't use for groceries, we can use for those days we need want to eat out after David's arrival.
I'm trying to work on Jillian's special birthday gift. I'm making a homemade stuffed animal similar to one on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's going ok, but I'm trying to prepare myself in case it ends up needing to be a Christmas gift instead of a birthday gift. I do think she'll be pretty happy either way :)
Speaking of Christmas gifts, we are also done on that end too! Luckily, most of the stuff I have left I can either order online, or I'm making in the kitchen. I'm pretty stoked to have that off my mind!

Hope y'all have a great Monday!

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