Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bébé Deux Week 39 Update

{Yes, my eyes are a bit swollen from crying before the picture. I'm keepin' it real yo}

Y'all... today has been pretty awful. Not only am I still where I was last week in terms of dilation and effacement, but my induction date was basically taken away from me. Apparently, enough women are going into labor early that all the inductions at my hospital for this week are getting pushed back. In fact, so many went into labor today that they were diverting women to another hospital. I'm basically on a list to call if there's room for me to be induced. Otherwise, I'm waiting on either David to come on his own, {fat chance of that happening IMHO}, or getting a call saying there's room at the inn.

I get that he's coming regardless. I know I won't be pregnant for all of eternity. However, his heart rate was lower today, (130's and it's usually in the 150's), and he's taking longer for his kick counts lately, (30-50 minutes as opposed to 20-30 minutes tops). So not only am I anxious to bring him into this world, but now I'm starting to stress about how he's doing in there. More than anything, I'm just feeling over it and whiny thanks to this sudden change of plans. {You know, since I handle change so well...}

Today's date: November 26, 2013

How far along: 39 Weeks

Total weight gain: 29 pounds

Size and growth of baby: David is the size of a mini-watermelon! He is about 7 pounds, and 20 inches long, (or whatever his length at birth will be). His organs are ready for life outside the womb, and is pretty much out of wiggle room. David's brain is still developing rapidly! {via and via}

Baby is a: precious, albeit stubborn, boy!

Maternity clothing: Just about everything is maternity except for sweat pants and cardigans.

Sleep: Sleep is good overall. If I wake up to pee, I can go back to sleep easily. Still no naps, but that doesn't inhibit my night time schedule.

Movement: His kick counts take longer than they used to, but he still gets them in.

Cravings/Aversions: Not much of an appetite this week. No actual cravings or aversions lately.

Morning Sickness: No Zofran this week!

Symptoms: Obvious baby bump, major heartburn, back pain, sore nipples, stretch marks, cramps, nesting, gas, painful movement, out of breath feeling, peeing lots, contractions, and tired.

Labor Signs: I was still dilated to 4 cm as of this afternoon. It seems like I have zero BH or false labor after I'm checked, so I'm not very hopeful anymore that I'll go into labor on my own. Oh well. I had the option to sweep my membranes, but decided against it when push came to shove.

Belly button in or out: In

How this pregnancy is different than the first: More weight gain, stronger heartburn if I get it, more painful movements, and I get cold really easily.

The best moment of this past week: Having an ok appointment today, and my family finally feeling better!

What I miss: Nothing at all

I'm looking forward to: Having my parents here tomorrow, and meeting my son face to face really soon!

Baby #1 & #2 Bump Comparison:
{Left: Jillian 2011 Right: Bébé Deux 2013}

David Bump Comparison:


  1. Court - You are so beautiful, swollen eyes and all! Nobody said creating life was going to be all roses and butterflies. I am jealous of the journey you are on, I hope to experience it again. Sending you love and prayers!

    1. You are just the sweetest. Thank you so much for everything! It really is a hard job growing a human being, and it's just that much harder to be patient when the finish line is within sight.

  2. Ugh, the last few weeks of pregnancy are so stressful!! Trying to make sure everything is ready, taking care of another little one, and then the hospital changing things up on you! I was 3 days early with my first and then had a TON of BH 2-3 weeks early with my 2nd, so I was more than anxious that I was going to have her early. But nope, went into labor the night of my due date and had her early the next morning. Just know that if you do have to be induced, your labor should be super fast since you are already at a 4, that's so good! He will be here so soon, take 1 day at a time, try not to stress on anything else. I had to literally wake up and tell myself to only think about today and what was going on, otherwise I would make myself so upset! You can do it, good luck!!

    1. Thank you so much Kari! It really is just the last few weeks that can be really rough on mamas. Thank you for the encouragement! Hopefully things get a move on soon :)


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