Wednesday, November 13, 2013

As Much As We Can Be

I just love lists! I don't even remember when it started because I haven't always been a super organized person. However, now I make list after list when I feel there's nothing else I can do. {Plus it helps with the lovely side effect known as pregnancy brain!}

I know I've mentioned my Bébé Deux To-Do List several times. At it's peak, my baby to-do list was a little over 30 tasks long. That's right, I said over 30! In my defense, I had individual tasks split up. {i.e. Infant CPR Class and Breastfeeding Class were two separate items because they were on different days}  Now? I have 3 items left to do.

Those items are:
1) Go grocery shopping one last time (list is already made up of course!)
2) Dust and vacuum the house
3) Get my prenatal massage

Other than that, we are as prepared for David to come as any parent! After my progress according to the doctor, we decided to make sure we had every important thing done in case he comes earlier than we expect.

The car seat is installed.

The hospital bag is packed with a list of last minute items to grab.

The living room has all the baby gear/stations necessary.

I have a special pumping station/postpartum recovery supply station in our bathroom.

His bassinet is ready for him to sleep in.

We have our stock pile ready to be put away.

My biggest thing now, (besides waiting as patiently as I can), is trying to make sure I recognize labor signs. Since I didn't go into labor naturally with Jillian, it's like being a first time mom again. I'm told I'll "just know" but I'm not convinced. Plus, I want to be sure I recognize it fast enough that my mom can hop on a plane to get here ASAP! I don't want to miss the signs because I don't want him to come too early.

{Anyone that has gone into labor on their own, I would greatly appreciate any advice you have so I don't miss the window of opportunity to get my mom here in time.}

I will say that I had a little heart-to-heart with God the other day. I basically told him that I know He knows David's true birthday, and I am going to give my worry about when it happens to Him. Obviously I can't control when David comes, so I want to be at peace with God's timing, even if that means my mom ends up missing his birth.

With that being said, we're ready and waiting :)


  1. Sounds like your ready! I think we will install the car seat bases this weekend. Otherwise I feel prepared: I'm 5 days away from when Mackenzie arrived and figure we are so much more ready this time than with her. Although....I do need to pick up items for recovery.
    I wish I had advise for you in how to know when your in labor, but I was induced too. I know how hard it is not to have your mom there though, mine lived in another state when Mackenzie was born. I'm only pregnant again because they are now 20 minutes away, (I refused to have more kids unless we were by them.) Thankfully it worked out. Hang in there! Try to relax a bit! :)

  2. Eeeek! You're getting SO close! I can't believe how fast time is flying. When I started having my contractions with E, it didn't even occur to me that they were contractions. They felt like period cramps on steroids, but I was just so ignorant that I didn't put two and two together. There was a little bit of pink one time after I went to the bathroom, so I called mom and she suggested I go to the hospital. I was so worried they'd laugh and send me away telling me I was just having BH. But they didn't because my water broke about 30 minutes after I got there. Good luck girl!


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