Sunday, August 31, 2014

All Too Soon


It struck me the other day about how quickly you're growing up. Not just because time is racing as fast as you when you find freedom in the aisles of Target. I'm starting to see a bit of maturity in you. With you starting a 2 day preschool program soon, I know it'll be all too soon before:

Middle school drama and romance will no longer be lived through the memories of my mind. They will be your reality that I hear about.

You'll be too big to have me around to supervise you in the bath tub. You won't request mountains of bubbles in your bath, and we won't be covered from head to toe in bubbles after playing "snowing."

School will be the main thing you think about, talk about, and stress about.

You'll be requesting to go to the mall or the movies with just your friends instead of to the park with me and your little brother.

All those naps you don't like now? You'll be taking up my napping spot on the couch.

You won't come running to me for help the moment you can't figure out a problem. Some day, I may even be your problem.

A simple gesture of giving you a hug, or kiss, or ice cream graham cracker will not heal your deepest emotional wounds. Life will get complicated, and you're going to be feeling things longer and stronger than you ever have before.

Several years will pass where you don't refer to your daddy or I as your best friend. You won't request family hugs. You'll be more than happy to drive in a separate car.

Jillian, I can't promise we'll get through this with ease. In fact, we'll both make mistakes along the way. The important thing to keep in mind is that we are family. There is absolutely nothing you can say, do, or think that would ever make me love you any less. In fact, I can only love you more with each passing day. All too soon you'll be all grown up, but I will remember it all with a full heart. I love you!

- Your mama

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