Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life Post #Roadtrip

The last week of July, Jillian, David, and I set out on a road trip. We traveled up to Iowa for my grandma's 90th birthday party, then we went to visit my parents in Minnesota. I have lots of pictures from our trip, but I figured it would be easier to show you life post road trip first :)

 {Life is so hard when you miss your grandparents}
{p.s. That zebra? We got it in Minnesota, and Jillian has slept with it every night since we've been home!}
{Jillian is such a good helper. She really loves my suitcases too}

 {My house actually looks like this most of the time, give or take a few hundred Cheerios on the floor. I finally unpacked 3 days after we got home and I promise it no longer looks this bad ;)}

 {I'm really loving this bottle! Not only does it mix up my Herbalife shakes really well, but it's a fun pink color too!}

 {A brief moment of playing together}
{David is LOVING this puppy, but Jillian remembers she likes him too. Jillian usually swipes the dog and runs to the other side of the room}

 {David is crawling backwards only right now. He got stuck in our foot board the other morning. We did free him after taking pictures :)}

{Jillian asked for her picture too, and said "Cheese!"}
{You can see her fat upper lip. She was running in the church nursery the night before and fell forward on her face. It looked like she got Botox for a few days. Now you can't even tell}

{David decided that wants nothing to do with purees now that we're home. So, I've been doing my best to find finger foods he can eat at his age. This breakfast was Cheerios and peaches :)}
{If you have any finger foods your kids loved that does not involve dairy or eggs, please let me know! I'm running out of ideas and fast!}

{If there was any doubt my children are related, take a look at this!}

 {Monday, my "me time" was looking over Jillian's very specific school supply list while the kids napped}

{Phil had to work extra late both Monday and Tuesday. I bathed both kids on Monday night, and it went relatively smoothly. The only issue was turning discovering this when I got Jillian out of the tub}

{Tuesday, we went to buy some necessities and Jillian's school supplies. She should be all set!}

{This is why silence with a toddler is suspicious. I found her like this when I thought she was playing independently in her playroom. Silly Jilly...}

{We got Jillian hair cut at Snip-Its this morning! It was our first experience and it went really well! Jillian is officially ready to start preschool :)}

How has your week gone? Any last minute summer plans before everything goes back to fall mode?

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