Monday, August 25, 2014

It Starts

This is not a post about Jillian starting preschool, (although that will be up next week!). This is a quick post just to remember the shenanigans I experience with two children.

Today, I was determined to get both kids down as close to 1 pm as possible. David did his normal scream-fest for about 4 minutes, and fell asleep shortly after.

Whew! I thought. That went better than expected!

I ushered Jillian into her bed, and begged pleaded told her she needed to at least lay in bed quietly for a little while.

Ok she whispered back.

{That's what she always says, but she never means it!}

I spent the first hour of their nap time/quiet time, going over my MyFitnessPal app. Then I finished up laundry for the day. I then settled on the couch, hoping I would get a quick 20 minute nap myself. As I drifted off, I heard a noise. I listened again, but convinced myself it was the TV.

A minute later, there was another noise. I muted the TV. Not another sound. Convinced Jillian was running around while David slept, I ran to my bedside table to look at the video monitor.

Low and behold....

That's right. Jillian had not only put her ginormous stuffed lion in David's crib, she also climbed into the crib herself. I stopped and laughed as I watched her pretend tickled him, stood up and made faces at the camera, but drew the line when she moved David with her feet.

It was hard to keep a straight face as I looked at the two of them looking back at me.

Jill... what are you doing?

I'm cuddling with my Davey!! *cue heart melt!*

Well, how did you get in the crib sweet girl?

I climbed so very well!

Oh my. Well, with that nap time came to an end. Everyone was up already so there was no point in continuing.

I'm sure our lives will continue to have stories similar to this one. While it's a little unnerving knowing my toddler is climbing, (and very well I might add), I look forward to shenanigans like these before they're too cool big to be precious like this :)

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  1. So precious! I love moments like these that make you giggle and smile even though they are being naughty!


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