Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Highlights

February brought a few snowstorms for us. However, overall it was an ok month. February is usually kinda hard for our family for various reason. Here are some of the highlights from our month!
{Davey and I watching the Super Bowl together!}

{This certainly depicts their relationship! HAHAHA}

{I bought two of these mugs: one for me, and one for my mom. Not only do we both love donuts, but now we can think of the other whenever we use it :)}

{Davey and I lounging before we have to go pick up Jillian at preschool}

{That face, that face, that fabulous face!}

{Teaching them right: Jillian "reading" Calvin and Hobbes :)}

{After a rough start to the month, we got a nice surprise at the McDonald's in Stroud: Phil got to pay for our breakfast with McLovin'! All he had to do was give Jillian a kiss! Thanks McDonald's :)}

{Phil finally taking me to a TU Basketball game ;) We had to take a picture at his favorite spot on campus}

{These are the Valentine's Day cards I made for Jillian's class. They came out pretty good, if I say so myself! She can only do the letter "J" so I had her do the J, and I wrote "illian" after on the back ;)}

{My poor feverish boy. At least I'm getting some snuggles}

{Jillian's Valentine's Day at preschool was a success}

{Davey doesn't like super cold treats, but he certainly loved the Hostess cupcakes I brought home!}

{I only asked for two things for Valentine's Day from Phil. 1) This necklace....}

{and 2) a box of caramel filled chocolates, (size does not matter), that I don't have to share. I'd say he did a fabulous job :) I was having a rough day, so I got my Valentine's Day presents a day early ;)}

{For Valentine's Day breakfast, we had donut holes and bacon hearts. Please ignore the messy house...}

{We make sure Phil buys Jillian a rose for Valentine's Day every year. He even got her a balloon this time!}

{The Valentine's Day goodie bags I hid outside for everyone}

{I'd say they were a hit ;)}

{It was so nice outside on Valentine's Day that we just hung out in the driveway for awhile}

{Group picture for Valentine's Day <3}

{And of course, something for the adults - beer for Phil and flowers for Courtney :)}

{Getting set up for our 2nd annual Mardi Gras dinner! I found this at the party store and thought it would be perfect!}

{Jillian earned enough stickers from potty training to get a tea party with mama!}

{She had fun drinking lemonade from the tea cups. She wasn't all that impressed with the rest of the spread, but that's ok :)}

{Those curls, y'all!}

{Another round of snow in February}
{I really love this picture}

{This reminds me of those trail cartoons from Family Circus! HAHA}

{Making snow ice cream for the first time!}

{It wasn't too bad :)}

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