Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hey, Hey Baby!

Now that we have the ultrasound results, I can safely say we have a healthy baby and healthy mama!! It was a little nerve-wrecking, but we got through it :)

I did make a change in plans, and I do already know the gender. Y'all, I didn't even last 4 hours. So major MAJOR kudos to all of you Team Green mamas out there. I don't know how you do it! Still not publicly announcing anything though. So far Jillian is in the dark. Hopefully we don't slip the answer in front of her. {Lord, help us all if we do that!}

Like I mentioned before, I am going to reveal the names we picked, starting with the boy name. I will keep the poll on the side for now, but change it to the names we have.

For a boy, we picked the name:

Nathanael Isaac

We wanted to pick a first name that was biblical that we liked, similar to how we came up with David's name. I really like the name Nathanael. {And yes, we are going to spell it the traditional way, even though it's not the "normal" way anymore.} Not only was he a prophet, but he was the advisor for, and stood up to, King David. {See what we did there?! LOL} Now, we would call him Nathan or Nicky at home, {Nicky because his initials would be NIC}, but I'm sure he'd be called Nate at some point in his life. The name means "God has given," which we definitely feel blessed to have another baby.  
For Isaac, I originally wanted a single syllable name to go with Nathanael. However, I couldn't quite pick one I loved. Since I get the final say on the middle name per our agreement during the choosing of David's full name, I kept searching. I finally read the name Isaac in a baby name book I got on my mission trip in 2013, and loved that it means "laughter."

For a girl, we picked the name:

Charlotte Eliza May

When we picked Jillian's name, we went with names that would honor our two families. The J was in honor of my mother, Janet. The R middle name was in honor of Phil's side of the family, because all of the Coghill women had R middle names. We decided to honor both sides again, this time looking at the men in our family. Charlotte is the feminine form of the name Charles, which is the first name for both my dad and brother. {Two men I hold very dear to my heart!} The name can mean either "free man" or "petite." Either way, it's a beautiful name. We would call her Lottie until she decides she wants to go by Charlotte. Though, Lottie may stick at home for the rest of her life!
For Eliza, this was a name we found on a list of family names on Phil's dad's side of the family. I believe it was a census or something Phil had found that had some many members of the Coghill line in Kentucky years and years ago. Phil was just reading off a bunch of names on the document a few months back, and I suddenly stopped him when he said Eliza. I just really liked it, and Phil said he felt it flowed really well with Charlotte. The name is a diminutive of Elizabeth, and means "pledged to God."
::EDITED AFTER 8/1/16:: We added May at the end to honor my grandma who passed away in April. Very rarely do girls have connections to their mother's side of the family. Not only did I want something to honor that connection, but I learned a lot about my grandma that I never knew before. She was a very interesting woman, and Lottie would be lucky to possess some of those qualities :) The name is a diminutive of Mary, and means either "sea of bitterness" or "wished for child." I'm going to go with the second meaning, personally ;)

So there you have it! Are you Team Nathan, or Team Lottie?

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  1. So excited everything went well! I am surprised I was able to wait a whole 24+ hours to find out, but Jimmy didn't know either so that probably helped. I think I voted boy in your poll, but I don't remember. I love both of your names, they are so thoughtful and meaningful. Our first names don't really have much meaning behind them, but the middle names do.


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