Monday, March 21, 2016

Mom Mobile

A few days before my trip to Vegas, we bought a van! Well, Phil bought it, but it's the car I drive :)

We had been keeping our eyes on a few vans online once we knew about BB-3. We recently decided to trade in the Jeep Patriot we bought a few months after we got married in '08. I told Phil that the van just needed to have air conditioning, heat, doors and windows that closed all the way, could make it to Wisconsin and back a few times, and have power locks. Other than that, I was not picky at all! We got some financial news in late February that showed us exactly what we could afford. Phil had been eyeing a particular van for about a month, and decided to go look at it.

Now, this may be sexist of me, but I feel like if I had gone with him, I would be treated differently. I didn't want pressure put on me, and I didn't want to be talked down to. So I told Phil I completely trusted him to test drive, and decide if the van was worth it or not. He went down to the dealership on his lunch break, and by 3 pm called to say we had a new van!

It really was a great deal, and our monthly payment will not be a stretch for us at all! It has everything I asked for, plus some other fancy buttons I'm still figuring out ;) I've been driving it for over 2 weeks now, and I'm very happy with it. It is a much larger vehicle than I'm used to though.

I'm kind of eating my words a bit since I would declare to my family that I would never EVER drive a van. That's why they say....

I'm pretty proud of my new #mommobile, and I know it's going to serve our family well :)

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