Monday, March 28, 2016

The Big 3-0

I had a great birthday! We tried to do as much as possible in the morning since we had church in the evening. I felt incredibly loved :)

I did start the day a little rough. I had a nightmare that made me really anxious. I guess since I wasn't afraid of being 30, my sub conscience wanted to make me scared of something. Luckily, Phil was able to remind me it was a dream, and reassure me :) I even got to sleep in a little more after that.

Here are the pictures I took throughout the day!
{This is a card I got from my brother and almost SIL. I got it the day before, and I noticed Jillian decided we needed to share the card! LOL They got a kick out of the picture too!}

{My day started with some beautiful flowers, (my favorite!), and a lovely necklace}

{Up close}
{Jillian helped pick the necklace, and I really love it! Apparently her first choice was a $2,000 necklace. She is my daughter ;) HAHAHAHA}

{Birthday Brunch at Prairie Thunder Bakery}
{We bought a few pastries to share with the kiddos because we gave them cereal when they first woke up. This was a raspberry pinwheel, and it was good!}

{Phil and Jillian}
{David did not want to take a picture with me. His loss ;)}

{Yummy! I had baguette toast with Gruyere cheese, bacon, and scrambled eggs with lavender earl grey tea. Not pictured is the extra sausage patties we had to buy because Jillian kept asking for eggs. She was super hungry that morning!}

{We stopped at a small bookstore in town so I could buy a book I've been waiting to get. (This is actually written by a blogging friend of mine! Definitely check it out!) However, they didn't have it in stock, so I ordered it. I should be here next weekend. We did get these maps for our trip in May!! Very exciting!}

{We walked around Babies R Us so I could see some things in person. It was hard to resist buying a little something for BB-3 :) (And yes, I got yellow on purpose. Being sneaky ;P)}

{My birthday s'mores and my special birthday candle from my parents! I wish we had video taped it because of the excitement that followed}

{Once the candle got going, it really got going! It took longer for the wire to catch on so that it could sing too. It burned for quite awhile, which made something else exciting happen.}

{David holding his ears while the smoke alarms went off! I thought I'd have to be 40 before my birthday candles made the smoke alarm go off! LOL}

{Birthday s'mores!}

{One of Jillian's drawings during Easter Vigil service. We barely made it through the service because David was just going crazy! Luckily, it's a laid-back service where noise is encouraged. Plus, the other couple at the table with us thought it was hilarious, which helped us keep a good attitude about it ;)}

What's not pictured:
- Phil battling the lawn mower. Apparently, now that our warranty is expired, our lawn mower's engine decided to die. Guess we're buying a new one this week!
- The BBQ dinner at church to fund raise for the mission trip. Even though I'm not going, I wanted to support those who are. It was delicious!
- The items from Chocolate Fest after the service. I was just glad we made it through that service in one piece!

All in all, 30 is looking to be awesome!

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