Saturday, March 12, 2016

What Will Baby Be? Round Three

Two days from now, I'm going to have an ultrasound that will tell us how BB-3 is doing. I'm anxious to know everything is fine. Congenital heart stuff runs on my dad's side of the family, and the hematoma stuff has me a little on edge. I'm also curious to see if I having a low-lying placenta like I did with Jillian to explain my spotting earlier. However, I'm also excited to see what this little tie-breaker is going to be! Now, my birthday is on the 26th. It's the day before Easter, so between being busy and pregnant, I couldn't really do much to celebrate the fact that I'm turning 30. To remedy that, Phil is going to find out the gender, and then find a special way to tell me on my birthday. Like I mentioned before, we are not publicly announcing the gender. It's not that I want to torture you guys, but we want to do something different than the last two times. We will be announcing our name choices later. I am going to go ahead and say that I'll do the boy name first so no one thinks the order of the names is a hint at the gender! ;)

With Jillian, I did a fun post two days before the ultrasound with various old wives tales. The tally ended up favoring a boy, but that turned out to be wrong! I was so sure Jillian was a boy, but I was so happy with my surprise girl :) Then with David, I did another post two days before the ultrasound. The tally just barely favored boy, and that time it was right! I thought maybe I was having another girl, but my intuition was wrong. I've never been happier to be wrong!

Since I want to keep things as fair between the siblings as possible, here is a post to see what BB-3 could possibly be!

Morning Sickness
The tale here is, the sicker you are, the more likely it's a girl. Why? Your hormones are battling with baby girl's hormones, causing you to have an upset stomach. If you have hardly any sickness, it's a boy.

Verdict: Compared to my other pregnancies, I was hardly sick! I dry-heaved one time, but never officially threw up. This could be due to the fact that I am not on Metformin this time. I was queasy a lot those first few weeks, and certain smells still make me run the opposite direction. According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

Carrying Baby
The tale deals with how you carry baby. High will be a girl and low will be a boy.

Verdict: I feel like I look more similar of how I'm carrying BB-3 with David than I did with Jillian. It could be just how things are now that this is my third pregnancy. According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

This tale says the more acne you have, you're having a girl. If you have hardly any acne, it's a boy. Why? Again, it involves a battle of the hormones.

Verdict: My face really broke out for a few weeks. Even now, I feel like my skin is in bad shape. According to this tale, I'm having a girl.

Chinese Gender Chart
I'm not entirely sure how they determine it, but it is a chart that you can find here that takes the mother's age at time of conception and the month in which baby was conceived.

Verdict: According to this tale, I'm having a girl.

Mayan Gender Calendar
This is the same concept of the Chinese Gender. The difference is, it takes the age of the mother at time of conception and the year the child is conceived. If both are odd or even numbers, it's a girl. If it's an odd plus an even number, it's a boy.

Verdict: According to this tale, I'm having a girl.

This tale says if you crave sweets/fruits, it's a girl. However, if you crave meats and salty foods, it's a boy.

Verdict: I had an aversion to meat, but I still like salty/sour/spicy foods. I have craved more fruit this pregnancy than any other pregnancy. According to this tale, I'm having a girl/boy.

I've had my little poll on the sidebar with a total of 3 votes.

Verdict: According to y'all, I'm having a boy.

Mother's Intuition
I honestly do not have a preference aside from wanting it to be a girl for Jillian's sake. She has insisted it be a girl from the moment I told her I was pregnant. Any time we've tried talking to her about it, she has told us she'd be sad if it were a boy, and that "it has to be a girl baby." Yeah, no pressure there!
In thinking of how this pregnancy compares to the other two, it's been such an odd mix of cravings, aversions, and symptoms that I experienced with both. The only thing I'm basing this on, is the fact that I am now craving spicy foods, and it is not giving me any heartburn at all.
(I did ask Phil since I'm 0-2 and he's 2-0 in this particular guess. He is worried about losing his winning streak, but admitted that he thinks it's a girl!)

Verdict: According to this, I'm having a girl.

The final tally...
Boy - 4
Girl - 5

It was close, just like last time, but according to the tales, we're having a girl. Fun fact: with both of Jillian and David's guesses, the two things that were consistently correct, (besides Phil's guess), was the Chinese Gender Chart, and the poll you guys vote for. Will it be true again? We'll see... We'll hopefully know for sure on the 14th!

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