Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Highlights

I knew going into April that it would be a busy month. However, things got really crazy starting in the middle. Here are the highlights of the month:

{We started the month with Phil in Pittsburgh for work. He technically left in March, but didn't return until April. It's always sad to see so many states between us!}

{I was craving a strawberry shake, so I treated myself. However, I got so cold that I had to put on socks and wrap myself in a blanket to finish the shake. #pregoprobs}

{My skin has been really crazy thanks to hormones, so I also treated myself to a LUSH face mask! It not only helped a bit, it smelled delicious.}
{This is the obligatory duck face selfie}

{And a normal one just for kicks :)}

{This boy <3}
{2 is such a hard age, and he is really crabby/cranky some days. However, he'll have moments where cuddling and giggling while taking selfies is a thing. I love those moments :)}

{Another special booth test for Jillian in hopes of helping with a cochlear implant surgery. It didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. This time, we tried using a loaner hearing aid from the clinic. It did not work on any level. We knew it wouldn't, but it was something we needed to test for insurance purposes. Jillian was such a trooper, and I was super proud of her}

{Poor Olive had a rough start to the month. I fed her dinner one night, and she proceeded to throw up several times. She even threw up her breakfast the next morning. I wasn't sure what to make of it, so I called my mom on the way to take Jillian to preschool. While I was explaining to my mom what was going on, Jillian said nonchalantly that "Maybe I fed her too many gummy worms." Turns out, she had taken the nearly 1/2 pound bag of gummy worms into her bedroom, and let Olive eat as much as her little heart desired. Oh boy. So we called the vet who gave us some advice. Luckily we were able to treat her at home, and we didn't need to pump her stomach or pay for a stomach surgery. She is a lucky dog for sure. And FYI, gummy worms are banned from the house for now}

{I found this map someone made of the OKC Metro. It cracked me up!}

{Apparently my cheese block was too hard for this poor knife. We may need to start saving for a new set now...}
{No bodily harm was caused by the breakage}

{David found Jillian's eye patch I bought her when she was really into Octonauts. He wanted to be a pirate too! This is his "Arrrr!" face :)}

{I love that he kind of looks like a Goonie in this one!}

{Jillian was invited to a birthday party for a friend at school. She was excited ALL morning to go. They had pony rides the first hour of the party!}

{Jillian had a fun time at the party, but she was definitely mostly in love with this pony, Oreo}

{Got my hair done the weekend before my brother's wedding. The goal is eventually all blonde, but I'm taking it nice and slow ;)}

{I've gotten this soup twice from Panera and I really like it! I only took a picture because Phil handed me a fork. Thanks to Scrubs, all I could think of was "Fork! Me no eat soup!"}

{The kiddos waiting for my parents' late arrival. They drove all day Thursday from Wisconsin for the wedding, so I insisted that they come and sleep in our king sized bed. This is blurry, but it was so true to form. The kids were beyond excited to see Jemma and Gee-Chaz since our last face-to-face meeting was Thanksgiving}

{I already shared a post about my brother's wedding, but I did take this screenshot on my phone. I remember putting in their wedding date on this event countdown months and months ago. It was awesome to finally see it was the day!}

{We all took Jillian to her soccer class, then we had a special morning snack at Krispy Kreme. I love that it's a snack AND entertainment :)}

{My grandma passed away 3 days before my brother's wedding. Because of that, my mom and I drove with the kids to Iowa 3 days after the wedding to go to her funeral. My dad left a day earlier because my folks had rented a car and needed to return it before joining us in Iowa. The first full day we were there, my mom found this cool children's museum that opened recently. David LOVED the food area. They had crops, chickens, cows, pigs, a market, and an ice cream parlor that were all interactive. It was a neat place! Jillian has already asked to go back :)}

{This is Jillian during one of the few times we got her away from a water table. She was soaking wet! However, she had a blast, which is what was important. Minus the meltdowns when it was time to leave, we had a great time. Plus, with my mom there, we could both focus on one kid and gave them some individual attention, which is rare nowadays}

{We had a lovely memorial service for my grandma. I really wanted to drive past my grandparents' old house before I went back to the hotel. My grandma moved out years ago, but I have such fond memories of that house. I had to take a quick picture before we left <3}

{Davey surprised us all and took a 2-1/2 hour nap after the service! We didn't question it, and I think it really helped him not be so cranky at the family dinner we had at my aunt's house that evening. I just love how he slept with one foot in the air for an hour}

{I was allowed to take a yellow rose from the arrangement on my grandma's casket before they took it away. She'll be buried next to my grandpa in California. She may not have been perfect, but she was a wonderful woman. She and I will be connected as long as I live, and I'm so thankful for the time I had with her. It also makes me very thankful for the relationship I have with my mom}

{Jillian told me she had to draw a cross on her forehead so she could "remember that Jesus died on the cross for her." While I applaud that answer, I told her to use her finger from now on. What a smart cookie she is!}

{This just cracked me up! HAHAHA}

{We got our first round of severe weather for the season. For whatever reason, the station I usually watch was really over-emphasizing the fact that our tornado watch came with a PDS (potentially dangerous situation). While most severe storms are potentially dangerous in my opinion, we went from worrying about hail and strong winds to being told there'd be a large, (EF-4), tornado most likely in our area. I tuned in to Channel 9, and they were being much calmer, and more straight-forward with what was going on. I felt much more at ease watching them, so I did. This was just before things got really ramped up}

{View of some really nasty clouds headed our way}

{There was a small tornado just west of us that ended up just spinning in the clouds above our neighborhood. To be safe, we went into the closet, where I told the kids we'd be watching "Little Bear" on the iPad while wearing our special helmets. They didn't seemed bothered, except when the lights flickered a few times. We didn't hear much thunder while we were in the closet, which was good for them. There was a small tornado that popped up once the storms moved past us, but we were safe. I'm not looking forward to doing this much more. I told Phil that I really want a storm shelter for next season. We'll see what happens :)}

{This week, Jillian had her Mother's Day Program at preschool! She did a great job with singing, and other surprises she gave me. However, I learned some new things about myself, (like my favorite restaurant is Wendy's?). Overall, it was a good day, I was happy to be with my girl!}

{This was a tweet from me the other day. I think it is self-explanatory! HAHAHA}

{I have a few different apps on my phone for BB-3. I really love this feature on the Ovia app, and I point it out to Phil every week. It's been so cool to watch the hand size go from a super tiny dot to this! I can't wait to hold those sweet hands in person soon <3}

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