Monday, April 18, 2016

My Brother's Wedding

It was such a privilege to be a part of my brother's wedding! Not only did everything go well, but I'm beyond excited to officially, (legally that is), welcome Julia into our family. She is wonderful, and I'm so glad they found each other. They are clearly very happy, and anyone can sense the love they have just by being around them. It makes my heart elated to see my brother married to someone he adores.

I don't have many pictures from my phone, but I have so many mental pictures that I will treasure forever. {I am really excited to see the wedding photographer's pictures though!} Phil was such a wonderful sport wrangling the kids during the various festivities. I am sad though, because I never got a picture with him because of it :( Well, him or the kids! Like I said, I do have lots of mental pictures I'll cherish. Here are the few photos I took from the weekend:
{My folks drove all day Thursday to get into town. They stayed with us Thursday evening. Friday involved lots of errands. This was in between my mom and I getting mani/pedis, and my dad getting a haircut. They were able to have a leisurely lunch and some grandkid time}

{My nails! I did get fake nails for the length, but they didn't last long after the wedding. Moms can't do much with fake nails... at least this mom can't!}

{My toes. Not only did I like the color, but I liked the name - Son of a Peach ;)}

{The morning of the wedding called for a big (decaf) caramel iced latte from DD}
{I knew I needed 3 things to get me through the wedding day: Grace, Jesus, and caffeine}

{I decided very last minute what to do with my hair. I'm so glad mom and I got hair appointments because I probably would have given up on the braid and just did a ponytail. I think the lady did a great job!}

{I was invited to get ready at the B&B where most of the bride's friends, (and the bride) were staying. We were trying to recreate a photo with the bridesmaid dresses before we got dressed. The photographer is the bride herself :)}

{All the dresses ready to go}
{The bride's dream was a spectrum of pink with various textures, and she was very happy with the end results!}

{These are photos Julia sent me the day after the wedding. Her mom took these photos as we waited to line up for the big entrance. She looked gorgeous, and Jillian was so excited to be the flower girl :)}

{Beautiful girls and disappearing bouquets}

{The ceremony was sweet and sentimental. Also, it wasn't terribly long ;) Before we knew it, it was time to party at the reception! I got to talk to a long-time childhood friend and meet his girlfriend. Phil ended up taking the kids home around 8, but I stuck around to make sure everything was cleaned up. Once family started making their way back to their hotels, I got a little time to hang out with my folks. I asked to take a selfie with them, and my dad decided to be goofy ;)}

{That's better!}

{My big bro <3}

It's weird to think of my brother as a married man, and it was weird to see him wearing a wedding band on his finger! However, I'm sure he felt the same way nearly 8 years ago when I got married. It really was one of the smoothest weddings I've ever been around, and you could just feel the love and happiness radiating. I'm so glad we can call Julia's family and friends ours. They are all great people, and I feel so lucky to have met them. 

May Mike and Julia have many happy years ahead of them!

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