Friday, April 29, 2016

BB-3 Week 26 Update

We've had some exciting weather since I've been home. Also, parenting has been quite a challenge this week as well. As much as I'm glad we're home, I'm glad to see this week go. Let's try again, shall we?
Also, I've been thinking about how much my weight gain has bothered me, but not my doctor. I realized that I did not lose any weight this pregnancy, whereas I lost 12 lbs with Jillian and 6 lbs with David. That means, if you take into account the weight I gained back, I'm only 4 pounds ahead from either of them at this point. Now I feel much better about it! Plus, I need to keep in mind that, once my milk supply is gone, I can go back to carb-cycling. It was very successful for me before, so I just have to keep in mind that I can, (and will!), do it again!
I've decided for my pregnancy project that, instead of my usual cross-stitching, I'll be crocheting a blanket! I'm excited to get the materials and stay soon :)

Today's date: April 29, 2016

How far along: 26 Weeks (98 days until due date! AHH!)

Total weight gain: 18 pounds

Size and growth of baby: BB-3 is the size of kale, an eggplant, or butternut squash! They are around 2 pounds, and 14 inches long. Eyes will soon open and eyelashes are fully formed! Their immune system is strengthening for life outside of the womb, and is continuing to practice breathing with amniotic fluid. {via}

Baby is a: baby!

Maternity clothing: All maternity, minus a few shirts

Sleep: I am still low energy, but mostly because I'm chasing 2 kiddos around. Also, it seems like our life has been non-stop for a few weeks now. It's hard to catch up on sleep! Luckily, I am finally sleeping in my own bed, which is helping. I am starting to have a little more trouble going back to sleep if I wake up, but it's nothing too bad yet. Also, my body seems more sore when I wake up now. Either I'm sleeping really hard, or my body is just at that point in pregnancy.

Movement: This is around the time BB-3 will be most active due to their size, strength, and how much room there is. Lots of rolling, kicking, squirming, and a few hiccups. It's so much fun to watch my whole belly shift and move sometimes :)

Cravings/Aversions: I craved strawberries, watermelon, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Cheesy Gordita Crunches, and Coke Icees.. Aversions are raw meat, pork, rice, peanut butter, and mushrooms.

Morning Sickness: I had a little bit of time yesterday where I didn't feel so hot, but I never worried about throwing up. A little queasy, but it was an emotionally tough day, so I think that was it. The thought of having rice or peanut butter in my mouth makes me gag a little. I'm really surprised by this, but I don't test it!

Symptoms: Baby kicks, sore boobs, round ligament pain, thirsty, pimples, gassy, emotional, peeing a fair amount, nesting, tired feet, a little lower back pain, swollen gums, feet are starting to disappear thanks to the bump, nasal sensitivity, and feeling really tired.

Labor Signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

How this pregnancy is different than the first two: Less morning sickness, no medicine, no BH at this point, more weight gain, more anxiety, more out-of-breath feelings due to BB-3's favorite spot, crazy mix of cravings and aversions from both previous pregnancies, more nasal issues, more dental issues, more exhaustion, less activity level in utero... for now ;)

The best moment of this past week: Getting home, hearing my folks and brother/SIL got home safe, getting through some scary weather, and just getting back into our normal routine before summer messes our schedule up!

What I miss: Nothing at all

I'm looking forward to: Doing my glucose test over and doner with soon, planning our trip for France/Spain, and knowing we are less than 100 days away from holding BB-3!

Bump Comparison:
{Left: Jillian 2011 Middle: David 2013 Right: BB-3 2016}

BB-3 Bump Comparison:

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