Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jillian: {Five Months}

Jillian –

You are five months old today! I honestly can’t believe how fast you are growing. According to our at-home measurements, you are 13 lbs, 9 oz and 24 1/2 inches long.

You are my sunshine! Even when you started cutting a tooth, you really didn’t fuss more than normal. Maybe we’re just getting used to your emerging personality :) You are sweet, a little dramatic, and so funny! I just love when you scrunch up your face while giving a huge smile. It’s my favorite part of every day!

Depending on the brand, some 0-3 Month and 3 Month clothing can either be just about the right size, or a little too short. I tried some 6 Month clothes on you and the length is good, but the width is so huge. You now wear size 1 diapers for the day and size 2 for overnight. We have about 1-½ bags of size 1 diapers left and then we’ll switch completely to size 2.

When you caught your cold, your feedings suffered. The doctor informed us that 7 - 8 oz is too much for your little tummy at one time! Now we usually have you at 5 feedings a day and you have between 6 and 6 ½ ounces for the first four and 6 to 7 ounces for the last bottle. You are still exclusively on Similac Advance formula. We will try rice cereal sometime in the next 3 weeks.

You are still taking Zantac twice a day for your reflux.

Bath time is still a favorite of yours as long as the water is warm. I tried to give you a cold bath after you got really hot outside and you DESPISED it. I mean, within 3 seconds, you were about to scream. I quickly removed you from the tub and promised never to try that again.

Even though you love playing with new people, you are starting to cry as we leave you in the nursery at church. Even our normal tricks to make you smile will make you cry because you know we’re about to leave. I think it’s a little early for separation anxiety so we think you just love us a lot :)

You had your first sickness this month. Shortly after you started putting your feet in your mouth, you caught your first cold. Overall, you weren’t extra fussy and mostly had a runny nose and ate less.

We have teeth! Towards the end of April, I noticed a small sliver on your lower gum. Now your lower right tooth is out and about! We can see the left side is coming too. You didn’t complain much with the teething so we hope that trend continues. I will miss your gummy smile, but I just love your smile period.

You have gotten really close to rolling over. You’ll get to your side and you seem to get stuck. I know you’ll get there, baby girl! Lately, you’ll stare at your hand and move it back and forth, or open and close your palm. Other times, you look at us and turn your wrist back and forth. We know you don’t mean to wave just yet, but we call it your “princess wave” and it’s adorable!

Your favorite toys are Piglet, your monkey, and your links/your activity mat. Your favorite songs seem to be “Here we go Loopy Loo”, (I replace Loopy Loo with Jilly Jill), “When the Saints Go Marching In”, and “Where is Thumbkin”. Your favorite book is “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, but you do enjoy being read to no matter what the book is. You are starting to help us turn pages on your board books! You love to be kissed on the cheek and chin, and you love it when we lift you over our heads. Your laugh is our favorite thing to hear!

You consistently sleep between 9 ½ and 10 ½ hours at night and we are very thankful for that. You are fighting naps more than you used to. Once we get you to sleep, you’re out for at least 30 minutes.

Tummy time is not so bad anymore now that you’re closer to rolling. I still have to save you from time to time, but it’s not such a dramatic event now. You are scooting your butt a lot more so you’re clearly ready to get around! I have a feeling that you’ll be all over the place once you learn to crawl.

We are so happy to have you in our life baby girl! It’s exciting to watch your change and we love you so much :)

{She's such a sweetie!} 

{Smiling at her daddy} 

{This face is all mama! She may look like her daddy, but she seems to have my personality}
{Heaven help us!}

{HAHA Clearly she was interested in taking pictures}
{She has been "chewing" on her hands a lot more once her teeth came in} 

{Scooting off the chair!} 

{Ma! I said no more pictures} 

{Gosh I love her :)}
And some comparisons :)


  1. Happy (belated) Five Months Jill! My how the time flies! I'm happy to hear that her teeth didn't cause much fussing.

    And I'm curious about her sleeping, being that I have a baby who does not sleep. Is she a natural sleeper or did you let her learn to sooth herself back to sleep?

    1. Thanks Jeri! We think she might be starting on a new one. Hopefully it will be the same amount of fussiness as the last two. I guess we'll find out!

      Honestly, most of it's pretty natural. However, we have noticed that if we don't do her nighttime routine in a timely fashion, she won't fall asleep as easily. Sometimes we just stick her in her crib, put a pacifier in her mouth, then read to her out of my Hans Christian Andersen book of fairytales until she's out. In fact, tonight may be one of those nights.


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