Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Journey Down Memory Lane: Part Two

Part Two is my lovely adolescent years. Feel free to laugh because I certainly did!

{Proof that I was tall in 5th grade. You know, before everyone else grew}

{The lovely and awkward year of 6th grade}
{Those were my favorite shoes and I got them at the rummage sale at church earlier in the year}

{Me as Aunt Eller in Oklahoma my 8th grade year}

{I have no idea why I thought this outfit was awesome, but I did at the time. Heaven help Jillian if she does the same thing...}

{Visiting the Laura Ingalls Wilder "home" in Independence, KS when I was 14}

{Junior high graduation day. Gotta love those braces}

{Color guard for the marching band my sophomore year!}
{I promise we were in sync during the show ;)}

{First day of school my senior year. Yes, that is me!}

{Youth group scavenger hunt my senior year}

{Senior prom... I still love that dress!}


  1. i so look forward to the awkward years with Violet! haha We all definitely had them!

    and yay color guard!! I was in that too! :)

    1. It'll be nice to experience it from a mother's perspective for sure! And these photos will probably help Jillian realize she's not alone ;)

      Really?! HAHA That's so cool! I only joined my sophomore year because my brother was drum major. Then I ended up being really good at it and enjoyed it!


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