Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Journey Down Memory Lane: Part One

I finally finished my major computer project this evening! I have many many many many pictures from my childhood up until I shared a digital camera with Phil my sophomore year of college. I had no digital backing for these photos. I decided, with tornado season upon us, I wanted to scan every picture I own so I can have it on my laptop.

By doing this, I got to relive some memories! I thought I'd share a few, but will be breaking it down into two parts so that you only have to endure see 10 pictures :)

Part One is essentially my "Arkansas Childhood"- Enjoy!
{I love this photo. It really shows my relationship with my dad at that age :)}

{We always took "first day of school" pictures by that bush next to our carport!}
{Of course I'm wearing a Razorback shirt HAHA} 

{I loved having Easter egg hunts in our formal living room}

{McDonald's birthday parties... a staple for a 90's kid :)} 

{Kindergarten graduation!}

{Some of the many strays we adopted throughout the years} 

{Singing Christmas carols at the big city bank in downtown Hope!} 

{Annual Halloween party at my dad's church}

{Playing with my brother at Lake DeGray}

{I was clearly ahead of my time in terms of a multi-princess birthday party theme!}
{Little Mermaid plates/table cloth, Beauty and the Beast cake, and I'm wearing a Princess Jasmine dress}


  1. So stinking cute!! and yes, McDonald's birthday parties were a must! ;)

    1. Thanks girl! I used to love those parties! I really wish they still did them so Jillian could experience it ;)


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