Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Randomness

I've had a few small thoughts spinning in my head. None of which are a complete blog post worthy. I feel like I won't be able to do a good post until all these thoughts are gone. The answer to this problem? Do a post about randomness :)
  • I bought myself the Turquoise & Caicos Essie nail polish for Easter, but I only put the color on my toes recently. I have just one word for this: LOVE! Not only is turquoise one of my three favorite colors, it really pops when I wear my 2-year-old white sandals from Target. 
  • Speaking of nail polish, I will admit that I love the photos on Facebook and Pinterest. Some of those nail designs look amazing and it would be kind of fun to have a mini work of art on my nails. However, you're lucky I can get two even coats on my stubby fingernails that last longer than 10 days. No matter how much I like nail polish, I'm really not good at it. Maybe some day...
  • I'm running to Michael's later to look for shadow boxes and picture frames for Jillian's baptism stuff. Not only did she get a beautiful certificate, but we got to keep the shell and cloth they used for the ceremony! I really want to do something special.
  • Today is the first day of summer! As with tradition, Phil and I will enjoy a large cherry limeade at Sonic :) It was something he started doing once he had his license and has been our thing together since we were married. Every year we take a picture with our summer drinks and today will be no different :)
  • With Jillian's 6 month birthday, it got me thinking about half birthdays. With my birthday so close to tax day, we sometimes had to celebrate on my half birthday, aka Courtney Day! I know not everyone pays attention to half birthdays, let alone celebrates them. I think it's kind of fun to have an extra special day out of the year. Plus, this may be my answer to doing something special for Jillian since her birthday is SO close to Christmas. Otherwise, she just gets bombarded at the end of the year and that's it. It is just something special that we will do as a family!
  • My first VBS at our new church will be next week. I volunteered to help corral kids to their activities and Jillian will hang out in the nursery. I'm pretty excited because this will be the largest VBS I have ever been a part of (250 kids!)
  • I haven't really talked about our house search very much. This is mostly due to the fact that we're not doing super well. The area of town we want? It's really popular. And the homes we want? They get snatched up in less than 30 days. 30 days. Right now, the average is 70-80 days on the market. Clearly there are homes on the market for 120+ days or else the average wouldn't be this long. We must have good taste just like everyone else. For now, our top two house choices are still on the market with no offers. We have less than 14 days before we're allowed to make an offer. I'm trying my best to be realistic, but I really like both homes. I'm praying nothing major changes in the next two weeks. Prayers and thoughts our way would be appreciated :) 
  • Jillian is suddenly an eating rock star. She went from crying at the sight of a spoon to finishing 3 full ounces of veggie/rice cereal in 15 minutes or less. It really is like speed eating! If you don't have the next spoonful ready, she'll get bored and it becomes a fight. For now, we just eat quickly and girlfriend seems satisfied. We have two more veggies to go through before we'll start fruits!
  • Not only did my parents leave yesterday, (which is always hard for me), but it was also an anniversary. In double whammy style, it is the day I had my early miscarriage in 2009 and the day I took a positive pregnancy test that turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy in 2010. Last year was a little easier since I had successfully gotten through the first trimester with Jillian, but I always have a rough day emotionally. Even with Jillian in my arms, I am reminded of the hurt I experienced two years in a row. I will never forget.
Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. I'm so sorry about your lost babies but I'm so glad you finally got your Jilly :)

    I have that Essie polish on my fingers right now. It doesn't go with my skin tone but it's such a pretty color!

    Lots of luck with your house hunt! I know it can be a really stressful experience but it's SO worth it!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I think she was worth the wait :)

      That stinks that it doesn't go with your skin tone. I do love the color you posted on Twitter this afternoon! It looked really nice.

      Thanks for the luck. We may just need it :-/ The whole process is like playing an awful dating game. I was never good at those in the first place! LOL

  2. The polish thing was always so terrible for me, too. That's why I always do Shellac manis now :). They last two weeks (with no chips) and are VERY durable. And they don't hurt your nails or contain any of the bad chemicals that polish sometimes can. :)

    So sorry again for your losses :(. I would imagine that is something that will never really fully be off your mind, but I am so glad you have Jilly now.

    Good luck w/ the house hunt! That's ridiculous, homes in Colorado or out here are on the market for MONTHS lots of times. Wow!


    1. I always wondered what Shellac was. I just assumed it was a type of fake nail, (because I'm an idiot LOL). I may just have to look into that!

      It's just such a strange emotion for me now that Jillian is here. I'm still sad, but nowhere near the degree it was. I'm sure it'll always stir up something in me.

      Thanks for the luck! I was watching a show on HGTV and this couple from Pittsburgh had two separate homes go under contract WHILE they were viewing the property!! I'm glad it's not that competitive here, but sometimes it feels like it.



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